A Mother’s Love

    May 4, 2015


    The first moment I saw my son’s beautiful face, I was overcome with so many different emotions. I was in awe of this new life that stared back at me and was immediately filled with an indescribable feeling of intense love that I had never experienced before. With tears of elation streaming down my face, I knew right then and there that I would do anything for my son. It has now been a month since I’ve entered the journey of motherhood and each day has been filled with exciting surprises, humbling experiences and a ton of new life lessons. I am now beginning to understand the immense sacrifices that are made as a mother and I’ve grown to appreciate even more what my own mother has done for me throughout my life. Continue Reading

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    DIY Solid Makeup Brush Cleanser

    When it comes to maintaining a great skin care regimen, one aspect you can’t forget about is regular cleaning of your makeup brushes (if you’re a makeup wearer, of course)! Trust me, your skin will pay…

    February 28, 2015