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Mae’s Braid-Out after a Blow-Out [VID TUTORIAL]

Additional tips for well-defined braid-outs 1. When braiding, make sure to pull the base of the braid tight to your scalp. This maximizes length and increases definition throughout the entire section of hair. 2. Near the end of each braid, twist the remaining section of hair. I’ve found that this helps my hair to hold […]


Outreach: Jumpstart – Helping to prepare our children for success!

This morning, I was sitting on the ground legs crossed as I read books to a group of cute and very animated 4 and 5 year olds! You see, it was Dr. Seuss Day (his bday was 3/2), which was filled with fun activities for the kids including fishing for alphabet letters, playing “what word […]


:: Out & About :: Poor Little Rich Girl Boutique

You guys know I LOVE talking about hair, but of course, there are many other things that pique my interest! : ) For one, I love traveling to and exploring new places so I’ve decided to incorporate that into my blog with a new series called “Out & About”. For this series’ inaugural post, we […]