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5. Carol’s Daughter Lenox Square (Atlanta, GA)

Black Friday Weekend (November 25-27)

Carol’s Daughter
Lenox Square Mall
3393 Peachtree Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30326

Early Bird Friday Special: Store Opening 4am – 10 AM Spend $50 and receive a FREE 8 oz. Soufflé (fragrance of guest’s choice)
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7. Jane Carter Solution

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Holiday Hair Gift Box

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12. Karen’s Body Beautiful

13. Camille Rose Naturals

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Trichologist, Dr. Kari Williams dispels Common Hair Myths



Trichologist, Dr. Kari Williams

Hair myths are all too familiar and our conversations about hair are littered with them.  They are almost like a piece of oral history and now we can’t distinguish the truth from the tale.  Most myths are developed partially by the hair industry for marketing purposes to sell products and also from a misunderstanding of hair growth as we began to grow our hair after reconstruction (era of Madame CJ Walker, who happened to also use marketing ploys to sell her products.) Lets explore some of these myths:

Trimming makes your hair grow: false. Trimming makes the hair neater and even; it is a maintenance step. It can also be used to cut away damaged parts of the hair strand to reduce or stop breakage but it does not affect hair growth

Split ends split all the way up the hair shaft: false. Split ends do not break evenly. When the hair splits it breaks or tears off. Now this may lead to continuous breakage because of a weak hair shaft but it will not split evenly all the way up the shaft- and if it does (which is unlikely) trimming wouldn’t help it anyway. Once we stop doing damaging things to the hair that cause split ends they will be kept to a minimum.

Don’t wash your hair too much or it will dry out your hair: false. Its not how often you wash your hair that dries it out but what you wash your hair with. If washing the hair dried it out Caucasians would be bald because they wash their hair everyday. Water is the number one moisturizer. Wash hair with pH balanced shampoo. Frequent shampooing with black hair is important because we put products on our hair daily to replace lost moisture. One shampoo is sufficient but sometimes two is needed if there is a lot of product/dirt build up. The first shampoo wont lather much because of the natural oils on our hair. If you are shampooing your hair more than twice a week one shampoo each time is enough. And don’t forget to deep condition and lubricate your strands so that they don’t dry out.

We have to grease our scalps: false. We put too much emphasis on the scalp. Greasing the scalp is not necessary because of our sebaceous glands that produce sebum. Sebum is a slightly acidic oil that lubricates our strands closest to the scalp and guards against lost moisture. The ends of the hair still lack lubrication and this makes them susceptible to breakage. We need oil to lubricate our hair but we don’t need to oil or grease our scalps. We need to moisturize our hair daily. A good moisturizer should contain water, oils for lubrication and to seal in moisture, a stimulant (to encourage cell replication) and humectants (an ingredient that pulls moisture from the air) is optional. Heavy greases, pomades or products that contain petroleum and mineral oil just coat the hair but do not moisturize it. In addition, if you have any type of flaking you do not want to use grease on the scalp thinking it will alleviate the problem. Grease will only plaster flakes to the scalp and cause the problem to get worse.

Scarves, wool caps and cotton pillowcases will break your hair: false.
Hair breaks because it is excessively dry or abused. These items will absorb some of the moisture from your hair and lead to dryness over time, especially if moisture is not replaced on a daily basis. If your hair is already dry and damaged, then these accessories contribute to the breakage when hair strands get caught in the fibers.


What hair myths do you need the facts about?

Top Product Picks for a Natural Makeup Look by Licensed Beauty Expert, Rachel Odem


by Rachel Odem

So it’s no secret that many natural chicas choose to live natural lifestyles and for some, this includes the belief that no makeup is better. This belief is not always true, as you can wear makeup and still have a natural appearance. If you have the concern of makeup doing harm to your skin and you do not wear makeup for this reason, never fear. I am here to help with my top picks for natural makeup.

1) Liquid foundation– If your skin is in great condition, choose liquid foundation. You will love the way it feels on your skin and it will give your skin a sheer even tone. If you want to glam it up a little, mix a little pigment in your foundation and add a little to your cheekbones for a beautiful natural glow.

2) Mineral Foundation– I love mineral foundation and will often recommend it to my clients that have sensitive skin. I also like that most mineral foundations contain titanium dioxide which is a natural sun protectant.

3) Concealer– This is the one product I must say you can not leave home without it, especially for african american women. We are prone to hyper pigmentation and concealer helps to even out the skin tone and create a flawless look. I use it on all of the areas of my face I want to highlight.

Follow Me on Pinterest Application of Concealer

Follow Me on Pinterest Blending In Concealer

4) Lip Gloss-This is no secret. Who doesn’t love a great lip gloss? Whether your choice is clear, a tinted hue of berry, red or brown, you can never go wrong with a dab of lipgloss on the lips.

5)Bronzer– Bronzer is great to use year round. You can use it to warm up your complexion and as a blush if you don’t like a lot of color on your cheeks.

Follow Me on Pinterest Bronzer

6) Eyeshadow can be a challenging thing to learn. Most people get a little confused with the many color options. When I am in hurry and I want to define my eyes, I like to use Cover Girl Intense Shadow Blast.The color is well….Intense:) and I find it very easy to use. Just a swipe of color and a little black mascara and you are done

Follow Me on Pinterest Eyeshadow


Follow Me on Pinterest FINAL LOOK

You can find more makeup and beauty tips from Rachel at

:: RECAP :: Natural Chica visits the Chi! : “Treasure Our Tresses”

I LOVE traveling to new places and all things natural hair related, which explains why I had such an amazing time traveling to Chicago two weeks ago to co-host Eden Body Work’s “Treasure Our Tresses” along with fellow blogger, Bree from The Mane Source.

Even though I was just in Chicago for a day, it was jam-packed with meeting and spending time with some great people! Upon arrival in Chicago, I was able to spend some time with Ylorie from the Eden Body Works team. I then spent the afternoon with the lovely Patrice of, who was kind enough to show me around downtown! We had lunch at Chicago’s Flo & Santos, where we met up with the uber talented and down-to-earth Mitzi Miller, new editor over at Jet Magazine (look out for some exciting new changes!). It was such a pleasure and might I add, very inspiring to be able to sit down and chat with these two!

Follow Me on Pinterest L to R. Mae (Natural Chica), Mitzi Miller and Patrice (Afrobella)

Now on to the “Treasure Our Tresses” event with Eden Body Works…what a fun-filled night! Licensed beauty expert, Rachel O. did my makeup that evening. As some of you may know, she is a guest blogger on the site, so it was great to finally meet her in person!

Follow Me on Pinterest Me with Rachel Odem

I had so much fun meeting my Chicago naturalistas that night! I spoke for a bit that evening about my natural hair journey and the rest of the night was filled with natural hair trivia, information about the Eden Body Works product line and giveaways sponsored by Natural Chica, The Mane Source & Eden Body Works.

Follow Me on Pinterest

Follow Me on Pinterest Me with Ylorie Anderson of the Eden Body Works team

It was also great to meet several individuals for the first time in person that I’ve enjoyed following online, like the Double Saving Divas and celebrity makeup artist, Tia Dantzler. Bree from The Mane Source has such a sweet personality, and I have to thank her for inviting me out to host this event with her! She has a great blog, so be sure to check her out!  You all know I’m a fan of the peppermint-based Eden Body Works line so feel free to stop by their page for more info. I must add that Renae Bluitt of Crush Media also did an AMAZING job of organizing the evening’s activities!

Overall, my first visit to the Chi was such an amazing experience and I can’t wait to visit again!

For more pics, see the gallery below and also visit the “Windy City Naturals” gallery on!


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The Joy of Traveling with Natural Hair by Tracey Coleman

Follow Me on Pinterest I never really drew a parallel between natural hair and frequent travel until one of my guy friends jokingly asked me if all girls who travel a lot have natural hair. He had seen Clutch Magazine’s article entitled “11 Black Women Inspiring Us to Travel” and noticed that a good number of us were rocking the natural look. I initially laughed it off but then thought about the women I know who skip the country on a regular basis and sure enough, the majority of them abandoned the creamy crack years ago.

Now, I’d never suggest that that women with relaxed hair don’t travel because that would be a stretch. Back in the day when I was rocking the asymmetrical pixie cut (a la Kelly Rowland ‘02), my perm didn’t keep me from jet-setting to the islands as much as financially possible. However, when it was time to take that signature beach picture (the one where you’re knee deep in the ocean, hand on  your hip and tummy tucked in so tight you can’t breathe), I would have to keep looking back to make sure the waves didn’t sneak up on me and kiss the back of my neck, awakening my nicely laid down “kitchen” from it’s slumber and derailing my sleek ‘do into a fuzzy disaster.

Now that I’m natural I don’t have to run from the waves. In fact, I embrace them and even (dare I say it) swim underwater! I do handstands on the ocean, chase brightly colored fish and when I get out of the water the only “kitchen” I’m worried about is the closest one that sells jerk chicken. I can dance to salsa or soca or bachata or whatever the DJ is spinning at the local hole-in-the-wall club without worrying about sweating my hair out and can plan a day of sightseeing without worrying about a drizzly forecast.

When exploring the world and enjoying the great outdoors, the last thing you want to worry about is your hair. While natural hair definitely has it’s challenges, the right attitude and a few simple tips can make traveling a more rewarding experience.  Here are some ways to keep your hair maintenance to a minimum while jet-setting:

    1. Keep it simple – A vacation is not the time to try out that new twisted updo you saw on YouTube. Stick to what you know and save the innovation for weekends at home.
    2. Let it ‘fro – if you’ve never rocked a true afro now is the perfect time to try it! Let go of the “styled” look for a bit and set your curls free in a place where nobody knows your name.
    3. Be prepared – different climates can make your hair act a fool so make sure your bag is stocked with products to counter humidity, salt water, hard shower water, dry air and other damaging elements of nature.
    4. Get it done – if you truly struggle with styling your own hair, you may want to get it twisted/braided professionally before traveling. The last thing you want is to come back with no pictures because your hair was a disaster.
    5. Relax – This is not the red carpet (unless of course you are actually going to Paris Fashion Week in which case can you take me with you?) It’s your vacation. You are there to live and love life so focus on that and less on getting every curl on your head in place.  You’ll spend less time in the bathroom mirror and more making memories to tell your grandchildren.

Special Hairstyle from Brooklyn Travel Addict on Vimeo.

Tracey Coleman is the Director of Events for the Curly Girl Collective and a travel writer for Brooklyn Travel Addict. You can follow her travel adventures at @bktraveladdict and keep up with the Curly Girl Collective by following @ilovecgc.

How have your experiences been traveling with natural hair? What are some things you do to make styling your hair a breeze while traveling?

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