“A Winter Coat…For Your Hair” by Trichologist, Dr. Kari Williams

“A Winter Coat…For Your Hair”

by Trichologist, Dr. Kari Williams

Women expect to put away bronzers and bathing suits when summer comes to an end.  But how many of us expect to discard our hair products too?
If you didn’t, it’s a good time to start because some products can’t protect your hair from the frigid climate.  Continued use of those products may mean dry, brittle hair that’s susceptible to breakage.

During those sweltering summer months, your sebaceous glands are working over time to protect the hair from unforgiving temperatures. That means your hair needs lighter products with less oil and more water.   Conversely, in the winter, the body naturally constricts to keep heat in.  Whether your hair is straight, curly or tightly coiled, it will need a winter coat.  Your hair will need additional moisture and lubrication.

Frigid temperatures will cause hair to dry and become brittle.  But, polar temperatures aren’t your hair’s only threat in winter.  Our home and workplace have been stripped of moisture due to the many heating methods we use to stay warm. To offset the negative effects of dry heat, use products to lubricate your hair and maintain its moisture so that it doesn’t become brittle and break off.
For people with more course textured hair, warning- your hair is naturally dry.  Protect your hair during the winter by using deep conditioners infused with protein.  Make sure you lubricate the ends of your hair and scalp with oil based pomades that add shine to prevent breakage.  And whatever you do, avoid waging chemical warfare on your hair by mixing product lines.

Another way to protect your hair from harsh winter zephyrs is to change your style.  Try adding some double strand twists, flat twists, braids or styling you hair back into a bun for a winter coat hairdo.  Big Afro wearers should consider scaling back the size of their afro with these styles as well.

For straighter textures and women transitioning, it is equally important to maintain moisture in the hair. My Rx is to keep your hair as smooth as mink by using anti-frizz serums and light moisture rich creams to protect the hair against dryness.

These products are also good when using a blow dryer to help seal in moisture.  In addition, styling the hair back will help to keep the ends protected from frizz and breakage.
My last words of caution for all textures: Do not leave the house with wet hair, especially in freezing temperatures.  Water expands when it freezes. If your hair is wet it can cause breakage.  Protect your precious tresses by accessorizing with hats and scarves.

Wool and cotton scarves are popular winter fashion accessories, but protect your hair by first wrapping it in a silk or satin scarf.  Wool and cotton garments have fibers that can cause frizz and static that catches onto the ends of your hair and cause breakage. They also absorb moisture from the hair. So, if your hair is already suffering during the winter months, these items will not help.

So as you gear up for next season’s new fashion trends,  make it a safe winter for your hair too by protecting it with easy styles and richer products that act as a winter coat.

“Easy Makeup Palettes for 2012” by Licensed Beauty Expert, Rachel Odem

When I am consulting with clients I am often asked “What kind of makeup should I use?” I am a true makeup junkie so this question is never easy for me to answer because I have so many brands I love for so many different reasons. I really like to use makeup palettes because they are compact and portable. I carry them in my purse and in my makeup kit.  If the thought of wearing makeup is somewhat overwhelming for you, I suggest you check these palettes out and add them to your collection. They will definitely help make the process easier. Simple changes can make a huge difference.  Maybe choose one facial feature you would like to work on enhancing in 2012. I hope these tips  help you to create natural, simple and affordable makeup looks in the new year. – Rachel O. 


1) Seena Brow Palette -Perfect assortment of colors to shape your brows to perfection. I am not a big fan of brow stencils, but I think for a beginner they can be helpful. This palette comes with stencils and a brush.

2) Kevyn Aucoin Eye Shadow Pallette #6 – These colors are highly pigmented and everytime I wear these colors on my eyes, someone almost always compliments and wants to know where I got it.

3) Ruby Kisses – This is a Makeup Artist’s dream. Perfect shades of foundation in one palette. I use the colors as concealers too. I take my brush and custom mix colors. Hats off to Danessa Myricks for creating this one because I have tried looking for foundations in a palette before and it is not easy to find. These are affordable and you can may even be able to find them at your local beauty supply.

4) Smashbox– I would like to kiss the genius that came up with this idea. Learning how to correctly highlight and contour is no easy task. Smashbox makes it easy with this palette because it comes with instructions and a diagram. I even use the colors for eyeshadow sometimes, which creates a great nude look.

Natural Hair Shedding vs. Breakage by Trichologist, Dr. Kari Williams

Natural Hair Shedding vs. Breakage

by Trichologist, Dr. Kari Williams

No one wants to lose their hair. A head full of hair represents youth, health and vitality. As a result, we closely monitor the hair in our brushes or combs, what’s on the floor and in the drain after we detangle our hair. But, is there a such thing as too much hair shed, and how can you tell the difference between the natural shedding of hair strands, hair loss and excessive breakage?

The resting phase, or shedding phase of the hair cycle is called telogen. When hairs are in the telogen phase shampooing, combing, brushing or manipulating the hair in any way will cause hairs to fall out. These are the hairs we see on a daily basis and this is natural. It is important to remember that if you only shampoo your hair once to twice a week or don’t comb it frequently, several hairs will be lost simultaneously when you finally do. A telogen hair typically has a club shaped bulb on the end of it. This bulb is an indication the hair strand has gone through a complete hair cycle and was ready to come out.

When the hair shedding is significantly and persistently above average and the density of your hair decreases to the point where your scalp becomes visible, this is a sign of hair loss. Consequently, there may be systemic reasons causing your hair loss. Some of these causes can be stress, illness, medication, nutritional deficiency, hormonal fluctuations or autoimmune disorders like alopecia areata.
Typically, hair loss caused by medications, illness, stress and nutritional deficiency can be reversed. Once the body is back in balance, medications no longer have to be taken and proper nutrient intake is restored, you will see some hair growth. Scarring alopecia, such as traction alopecia (when the hair is pulled to tightly) results in permanent hair loss and unfortunately hair will not grow back. At this stage of hair loss it is important to preserve the hair you do have by choosing styles and products that will maintain healthy hair and scalp and make you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful.

Another form of apparent hair loss is a result of fractures in the hair shaft or hair breakage. This type of loss is normally associated with mechanical and chemical trauma that has created weakness in the hair shaft. This includes aggressive brushing and combing, tight braids, hair weaving, the application of heat with hot combs and blowdryers, relaxers and tight ponytails. Examination of the hair in this case of hair loss shows small nodes seen as grey-white or yellow specks on the affected hair shafts. The hair tends to break at the sites of the nodes, leading to patchy or diffuse hair loss. To correct this form of hair loss, you must cut the damaged hair off and transition to a style that will create less stress on your hair shaft. It is also important to make sure you are getting the appropriate nutrient intake, because this can lead to weakened hair shafts as well.

Hair loss can be scary, but the best way to find solutions and to correct the problem is to seek help early. Early diagnosis of your hair loss will increase the chance of you seeing regrowth. If you are uncertain about your hair loss or hair thinning seek the help of a trusted professional in your area. You can also contact me at drkariwilliams@gmail.com and I can do my best to assist or refer you to someone who can help.

Get The Look: Smoky Eyeshadow Holiday Beauty Series by Licensed Beauty Expert, Rachel Odem

Hey Chicas! It’s week two of the holiday beauty series. Last week I shared a DIY Smoky Eye look on the blog and so I thought I would share some
of the same tips with a little bit of twist for all of you.

The holiday season is a great time to glam up your makeup look, so why not be bold and try a smoky eye. Most people have a little bit of difficulty with getting the look right, so read these tips and watch the video and you will perfect this look in no time. Enjoy!

Prime: Apply an eye shadow primer or cream shadow to the lid. This will make the color more intense and help the color to stay on all day. I have noticed a lot of my fellow YouTubers seem to like the pencils from NYX Cosmetics.

Tools: You will need a flat brush to layer the shadow on multiple times and create a deep sultry dark smoky eye. Try brush #242 from MAC. I love it because you can use it for concealer too.

Shade: Corinne is wearing the most popular shade for a smoky eye, but I love to see the smoky eye in different colors. Be creative. Try creating this look with the classic black, blue or even purple. Check out the video below to see my twist on a blue smoky eye.

Refine: Line your upper lash line and inner rim of the lower lash line with a black eyeliner. Be sure to smudge the liner to create the smoky effect. Finish with black mascara and a pair of lashes and you’re done. Remember not to over do makeup by keeping the rest of your face neutral.

What DIY makeup tips would you like to see here? Please share your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks!

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