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A Natural’s Guide To Summer Hair Care (Swimmer’s Hair Tips) by Dr. Phoenyx Austin

A Natural’s Guide To Summer Hair Care (Swimmer’s Hair Tips)

By Dr. Phoenyx Austin of DrPhoenyx.com

What’s your favorite thing to do during the summer? For me, it’s trips to the beach for fishing and swimming. I absolutely love the summer- there’s nothing like the smell of the ocean, sand between my toes, and the sun kissing my skin. But summertime, as awesome as it is, can also present a few challenges for hair. We all know how a day at the beach, or a dip in the pool, can wreak havoc on our tresses. And as someone who likes to get in the water up to 4 times a week, I can personally tell you that the risk of hair damage from harsh water and UV sun rays is very real. I love the water- but I also love my hair. And if you love getting in the water as much as I do, but are also curious about what hair precautions you should take, this post is definitely for you. One of the best things about being natural is the supreme level of carefreeness you can have with your hair. But even with that level of carefreeness, you should still take certain steps to protect your beautiful coils and curls during the summer. What are those steps? Let’s take a look…

Pre-Beach/Pre-Pool Tips

  • Skip washing your hair before you get in the water. Some women think they should wash their hair before taking a dip- but that may not be the best thing to do because buildup of sweat and natural oils actually creates a protective “barrier” against harsh water. This barrier, because of it hydrophobic properties (that basically means that the barrier repels water) will make it more difficult for harsh water to penetrate (and ultimately damage) the hair shaft.
  • Instead of washing hair, gently wet and apply leave-in conditioner. You can use a regular leave-in conditioner or a leave-in conditioner with added SPF. Applying conditioner to your hair before you get in the water accentuates the protective barrier effect.

            * Redken and Aveda are two popular brands that have conditioners with SPF.

  • Use protective hair accessories. Hats, scarves, swimmer’s caps- these are all types of hair accessories that every natural should have during the summer. If you’re not a fan of covering up your hair, you should atleast tie it up with a soft scrunchie (assuming your hair is long enough to be tied). Keeping hair covered or tied means that you will have less tangling, and less frustration when it comes time to wash and style your hair.

Post-Beach/Post-Pool Tips

  • As soon as you exit the water, rinse hair thoroughly with fresh water. Harsh water is called harsh for a reason. This type of water contains minerals and compounds (i.e. sodium chloride and chlorine) that can actually leech moisture and cause dry/brittle hair.
  • After you’ve rinsed your hair, take a generous handful of leave-in conditioner and thoroughly coat your hair. Some women like to shampoo their hair after exiting the pool, and then follow-up with a conditioner. I prefer to skip the shampoo step and just co-wash. I believe skipping the shampoo step (even if the shampoo is sulfate free) is a lot gentler for hair.
  • When you get home, rinse the conditioner from your hair and follow-up with a deep conditioning treatment. An avocado and coconut milk hair mask is a really great all-natural deep conditioning treatment that will help replace moisture and add lots of sheen to hair that has been stressed from a day of water and sun.

And that’s all ladies! Those are a few easy, breezy tips to keep your hair healthy and fab during the summer. If you need more healthy hair care tips, be sure to check out my new book, If You Love It, It Will Grow! A Guide to Growing Long Afro-Textured HairAlso available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Until we meet again, stay beautiful, stay natural and keep showing those lovely coils and curls lots of TLC! – Dr. Phoenyx

Want to learn more on how to grow healthy and longer hair? Check out Dr. Phoenyx Austin’s new book If You Love It, It Will Grow! A Guide to Growing Long Afro-Textured Hair. Also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Dr. Phoenyx Austin is a physician, media personality and author who offers advice on topics related to beauty, love & sex, and lifestyle. You can find Dr. Phoenyx Austin on DrPhoenyx.com,FacebookTwitter.

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  • Brittney May 8, 2012, 8:03 pm

    These are great tips :)
    Are there any suggestions for salty beach hair? Can the roughed-up cuticle and tangles be avoiding by apply conditioner first as well?

  • Viviask May 11, 2012, 4:47 pm

    Thanks for the info! Argan oil is great for your hair, I use Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil and my hair is looking shiny, smooth and healthy :)

  • BeauGorgeousNatural May 25, 2012, 10:32 am

    Dr. Phoenyx,My very good friends babies name is Phoenix!!!:-) This is a wonderful wonderful post! So informative!!!! Thank You!!!By the way, I love when you said,”The Sun Kissing My Skin”! I love love love that line!!!! I love when the Sun Kisses my skin! LOL…Vitamin D! LOL

  • Mary May 25, 2012, 11:12 am

    I am looking for ideas for my hair, going on vacation and want to go swimming. I have natural hair and looking for a style.

  • Jay April 29, 2013, 8:05 pm

    Can you talk about going to the beach and fighting shrinkage? I love to swim but shrinkage is a killer.

  • Air Curler December 3, 2013, 1:10 pm

    Interesting post. Sweat and natural hair oils seem to build a much stronger defense against the harsh elements of the pool. Thanks for sharing.

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