Why did I do this…

So after not blowdrying, curling, flat-ironing my hair for about a month, I decided to straighten my hair yesterday. Not because I really wanted to, but because I was "encouraged" by someone close to me to straighten my hair with the goal of "helping" with a first impression (meeting my boyfriend's parents for the first time). I made sure that when I straightened it, I didn't use the highest heat settings on the blowdryer (and didn't even end up using the flat iron). However, when I was finished...I thought to myself...what would have been so bad about wearing my hair in one of my "transition" styles??? Why should having straight hair be associated with a "good" first impression???

I'm thinking about doing the big chop soon, and once that happens I really won't be able to wear straight styles for a while. So I've vowed that from now on, I will not allow anyone else's opinions dictate what I do with my hair. I love my transitioning hair and I really can't wait till I'm ALL natural! I refuse to wear my "straight" hair for any and all future occasions, solely for the reason that I feel it will make a "better" impression.

Has anyone else had a situation similar to mine?? And what do you think about this in general?? I'm really curious to hear your responses on this one!

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