"Mane Mistakes for Special Occasions"

 One of the main questions I've heard while I was transitioning and even while I've been natural is, "Well, how are you going to style your hair for Event A...Event B...and so on", with the main expectation being that you must straighten your hair. I don't know if you guys remember me telling you this before, but while I was transitioning, I was even pressured to straighten my hair for participation in a wedding, and gave in.
I'm not married, but I like to think about how I would wear my hair for my wedding day. Am I going to feel the need to straighten it then too? I sure hope not! Anyways, I found a great article on naturallycurly.com that talks about some of the mistakes those with natural, curly hair make when it comes to styling their hair for various special events. This article really encouraged me, so I hope it can do the same for you!
You can read the article HERE : )
Also, check out some pictures of Nikki from CurlyNikki.com on her wedding day. Her hair was fab!! Click HERE.
One last thing: I would love to see some pics of my fellow naturals at special occasions (weddings, parties ,etc.) to feature on my blog showing how the fierce and natural/ transitioning beauties get down! You can email me at goingaunaturale@gmail.com with the subject being, "Natural at Special Occassions". Can't wait to see all your lovely pics ladies!!

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