Discussing "Good Hair" on Oprah!!

Hola chicas! So by now, I'm sure MOST of you have heard about the movie "Good Hair" that Chris Rock is pulling off this fall. If not, read my original post describing the upcoming movie (Drops in theaters Oct. 9th!). Well I just wanted to make sure you all were aware that Chris Rock will be a guest on Oprah discussing... you guessed it..."GOOD HAIR"! Boy has natural hair been in the mainstream lately! From special articles in national newspapers, to Tyra Bank's  feature shows, and now the QUEEN of ALL talk shows...OPRAH!! It is rumored that Solange Knowles will also be featured on the show to talk about her BC (Big Chop) : ) 
For the ladies that watch it, I would absolutely LOVE to read your responses regarding the show tomorrow (ABC 4pm EST) [Already have my show scheduled to be recorded..hehe]
*UPDATE*: Just me typing my rambling thoughts as I watched my recording of the show...
Wow, Oprah's hair looks different! It's long and flowing past her shoulders. Looks pretty healthy too.  Oprah tells Chris ROck that he's trying to "call US out", as in black women with his movie "Good Hair" Oprah just announced that she is wearing her "own hair"! Chris Rock actually felt all through Oprah's hair, lol!Chris Rock says that he's never done that to a black woman and then proceeds to say "Lucky Stedman" Oprah says that she knows the white women are like "what is going on?" lol Chris Rock felt his daughter was "raving" about her white friend's hair way too much.  Oprah mentions that with Chris Rock, you can't just have a straight documentary. It must be funny too. Chris Rock agreed saying that is Soledad O' Brien's job (reporter from CNN...love her pieces btw!!) Chris Rock visited beauty shops, scientists, trade shows and even Indian temples to film for the documentary.  Relaxers are made from sodium hydroxide...aka the "creamy crack"! Movie comes out October 9th!! There was a special screening of "Good Hair" that Oprah sponsored and opened up to hair stylists.  Oprah has had the same hairdresser for 24 years!! Chris Rock says that her hairdresser deserves a Nobel Peace Prize!  Chris Rock just pointed out a whole row of a white women at the show saying their hair wasn't really blonde! This dude is on another level... (work in progress...updating bit by bit!) Oprah calls "Good Hair" a docucomedy" They showed a clip where Chris visits a beauty salon and asks the ladies who have given birth to children what was worse...a chemical burn or childbirth. One of the ladies answers childbirth and then Chris responds with well what if you had that bad perm for 8 hrs!!  WHOA!! Oprah just showed a picture of herself when she was little and Chris Rock says..."whoa, you was a slave then"...OMGoodness!! Oprah explains the pretend bangs...you know where you roll it up and pin it under.   In the next picture Oprah shows of herself, Chris says "Ohh...that's when you got your freedom!" Oprah went through a press, relaxer, french perm, wearing afros, jheri curls They are now showing pics of Chris Rock's jheri curls. Those were some days!! ---Showing more clips from the movie--- In an interview with Raven Symone, Chris says "That's what the relaxer does...it "relaxes" people!" When talking with Maya Angelou, Chris learns that Maya Angelou was 70 when she got her first relaxer For those of you who have had relaxers before (including me!) Ice T explains how we want our hair so straight that we wait up until the point where the relaxer starts burning our scalp and THEN we're like Wash it out, wash it OUT! (--I'm guilty of doing that before!) Pepa from Salt N' Pepa shares that her signature assymetrical hairstyle came from the relaxer burning off the hair from one side of her head!Chris says that the things women say they do for men are really for other women because men do not care!  Chris Rock jokes that when he would date women outside of the African American race, his hands would always be in their hair. He said it was because his hands were "thirsty" since it is understood that black women's hair is off limits! "If you got a weave, your scalp is like a beat-up highway...there are cones and a cop saying go around, go around..all sorts of detours!!" - Words straight out of Chris Rock's mouth Oprah says she gives her hair a break by putting in weaves and braids to minimize heat.  NEW SECTION: White women's hair secrets!! White women make up the major percentage of hair coloring purchases. Its around a $14 billion industry. There are many white women who have been coloring their hair for so long that they don't remember what their original color was.  "How do you feel more striking if you look like more people??" - Chris Rock's question to a white women who dyes her natural brunette hair blonde because she says she wants to stand out. Black hair business is a $9 billion industry and weaves are where the money is. One black woman flew from Colorado to New York just to get her hair done. Chris Rock recommended the creation of a weave "airline". For long flights to pass the time, you could get your hair done...when you land your hair is done! lol! Eww, Chris Rock just tried on this ugly orange weave where the stylist said it was $1000!! There are layaway plans for some weaves provided by stylists! People in India will cut their hair as a part of a relgious ceremony to represent self-sacrifice. Chris Rock says they don't know they are walking around with a $1000 on their head  "Weave capital of the world" - Los Angeles Solange Knowles is actually going to appear on the show! She looks great and glowing! Don't care too much for the front of her gold dress though. Huge, obnoxious bow!  Solange says that she felt like she wasn't as pretty when she took out the weave. She felt like she was succumbing to an addiction. Solange was 4 when she got a relaxer. Before her BC, she says she would spend $40,000-$50,000 a year on weaves! "Whatever makes you happy is good hair" - Chris Rock's definition of good hair. "Do your hair for YOU"  Chris Rock tells Solange that she is now beautiful in her own way. Before her BC, she looked beautiful in a typical way he says.  (still updating!) Aww...Oprah talks to a woman who says that her daughter in preschool would complain that her wasn't pretty. She had been comparing her hair to her white counterparts. To solve the problem, the mother cut off her hair to be a natural role model for her daughter!  Chris's final thoughts: Stop with the kiddie perms!"Putting chemicals in a child's hair is NOT COOl!" Chris says that he is constantly telling his two little girls that they are beautiful. Solange says that her mother when they were growing up would say GOOD hair is healthy hair. Amen to that!
Show's over - Signing out *Mae*

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