The Lovely Esperanza!!!

If you watch some of my YouTube videos, you will have realized by now that I'm a huge jazz music junkie! I was introduced to the music of a fabulous jazz bassist named Esperanza Spalding (FYI: Esperanza in Spanish means hope) . Now check this...she's representing as an acclaimed jazz bassist (not too many females who can claim this!), vocalist, songwriter, intelligent young woman ( she is a faculty member at the Berklee College of Music and is one of the youngest professors in the institution's history!) and a proud natural! When I found out all of these other extras, I couldn't help but appreciate her music even more! As an amateur electric bassist myself, I love trying to attempt to play some of her songs. Key word there...ATTEMPT!,lol. You can check the video below to hear one of my attempts (YouTube: Nikkimae2003) : ) (Note: It really is me...just when I still had relaxed hair!)
Now check out some more pics of Esperanza who carries her natural look with such effortless style!

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