From Locs to a TWA!!


What motivated you to transition from locs to "loose" natural hair?

I wanted more versatility! Not that there wasn't versatility with locs, but I wanted the "loose natural" experience. I'd never had loose natural hair. I went from a brief transition from a perm, straight into growing locs... so I wanted this experience as well. When I had locs, I also found it difficult to keep my scalp as clean as I'd like it.  I have a very oily scalp and found that it was difficult to keep my scalp clean and my locs free of build up even after trying numerous products and natural remedies.  I knew I wanted to remain natural, so I began looking at other options.  I stumbled across a number of YouTube videos on how to "comb out" locs and after several months of back and forth, I took a week of vacation from work and just decided to do it!  I cut about half the length of my locs and started combin!

What technique did you use to transition? How did you feel afterwards?
I chose to comb my locs out rather than cutting them all off.  I wanted to keep as much healthy length as was possible.  I used cholestorol hair conditioner (a lot of it!!), tons of water, a wig pin(to comb out the locs), and that was it!  It took just under a week to finish and I ended up with a head of healthy, shoulder length loose hair!  Afterwards, I felt much "lighter" and I was extremely excited about all the new things I could do with my hair.

What's your current hair care routine?

I currently wash twice a week and I use Shea Moisture's Brilliant Curl Shampoo, I use their Deep Treatment Masque as a conditioner, and their Curling Smoothie to enhance my curls.  I also melt down Shea Butter and use that for added moisture because my hair needs it!  I always air dry.  I've recently tried my first twist out which turned out great and I attempted doing my own "blow out", which was, as they say on Twitter, a #Fail, but generally, I just wash, put a cute little hairpin in...and go!

What would you say to someone who is considering transitioning to natural hair? ... transitioning from locs to loose natural hair?
Do it!  Although I loved my locs, I really enjoy my loose natural hair.  If you're concerned about manageability, don't be! There are lots of websites, blogs, YouTube videos, and seasoned natural stylists out there to give you all the inspiration, motivation, and tips you need.  Just be sure you're ready because once they are gone, they are gone!  Unless of course you decide to grow them back 🙂

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