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Meet Vlogger - Gabihealth!

How long have you been natural? And if you haven’t been natural your whole life, what prompted you to make the change? I’ve been natural Since June 21, 2009 and transitioned in January 31, 2009 because i wanted to have healthier hair and i was curious about how my natural hair looked.

Do you feel that anything changed in your life  when you became all natural? Yes i do. I feel so beautiful and confident. Those characteristics really come through when i meet people. Because i am comfortable with myself i am able to make others comfortable as well. So my natural hair has not only made a positive change in my life but it has also made one in the people around me. Now that's deep! Also, for the first time in my life i can say i found my true beauty. This is how i think i am suppose to look and i am loving every moment of it.

When and why did you start your vlog? I started posting videos on my youtube account in early 2009 because i was encourage by some many like you, Mae, to document my journey. Now that it has been close to 2 year since, I am really glad i did because i can see the me of back then and compare it with me now and it's amazing to see the transformation. Not only hair wise but mind as well.

What types of topics do you post on your vlog? On my vlog, I typically post videos documenting both my hair care and fitness journeys. However, i also have many other video on certain discussions and skin care.What do you love most about vlogging? I mostly like sharing my thoughts and experiences. I mess up A LOT and i've had to learn from those mistakes. When i vlog i want my viewers to also learn from my mistakes so that they can prevent it. I also vlog to document my journey so that i can be an inspiration to other just as you are mine.How would you describe your hair? My hair is confused lol it doesn't know what it wants to be (which reminds me a lot of my self actually, i am in grad school and i still don't know what i want to do with my life, sad):  I have 4B in the front and back, 4A at the crown, 4C at the sides and 3C at the nape. But i usually say my hair is 4A/4B to keep things simple :o) (just like i keep it simple by saying my major is psychology)

What are 5 products your hair can’t live without? OMG! Just 5?! Well if i have to pick just 5 they would be: 1. Water 2. Giovanni's smooth as silk deeper moisture conditioner 3. Aloe vera juice (Lilly of the Dessert-inner fillet) 4. Unrefined Shea butter 5. Flaxseed gel (homemade)

What words would you leave with someone who is thinking about going natural? As the previous vlogger naturalista said oh so eloquently: "Natural hair is beautiful, healthy and absolutely versatile" but there is a saying amongst naturals that goes: "I am not my hair" just remember you are not "her" hair either. So, go natural for you and your hair and no body else (beware of curl envy).Do you have any other electronic means that we can use to keep up with your natural journey? As of now my youtube account is the only way to reach me but if i do get other electronic means i will update you guys on it on my youtube channel: www.youtube.com/gabbihealth

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