Weekend Twist-Out

If you've been following my hair journey for a while now, you know for a fact that my staple hair style is the two strand twist-out! This past weekend I did a twist-out on freshly washed, wet hair using  products from Doris New York (Used these products in my Super Chunky Twist Out Vid).I shampooed with Doris New York's High Moisture Shampoo (note: does contain sodium lauryl sulfate) and deep conditioned under my Huetiful Hair Steamer (see my vid review) using a mixture of Doris New York's Deep Treatment Conditioner and Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner.I sectioned, detangled and then proceeded to twist my hair in 11 twists, applying Doris New York's Leave In Conditioner and then their Olive Oil cream to help seal the twists. I used a fine tooth comb to detangle the ends while twisting to ensure smooth definition when unraveling the twists the next day.I slept with a silk bonnet overnight with the hopes that my twists would be dry the next morning (note to self: don't start twisting wet hair at 11p and think that it'll be dry the next morning! lol). My twists were pretty damp the next morning so I used a blowdryer on low heat to help dry the roots, stretching the roots at the same time by pulling the twists away from head while blowdrying. After drying for a bit, I then unraveled the twists and continued to separate until I reached the volume I desired.


Once again, I was very pleased with how the Doris New York products worked with my hair and these are certainly products that I will be purchasing again when they run out (especially the Olive Oil cream)! You can check out the Doris New York FB page HERE and tell them Natural Chica sent ya! 🙂

Sidenote: For a less "fluffy" look, wait till your hair is completely dry before unraveling your twists. You can also separate the twists less, which will give you less volume.

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