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I don't know if it's because I'm natural now (and I pay more attention), but it seems to me that there are a lot more natural women in television commercials these days! In fact, I was watching a Blackberry commercial several months ago and there was a young woman who had a super fly natural do' along with a fab outfit in the ad. I even shared the ad with you all on my FB page, where some of you actually informed me that the young woman had also been featured on Le Coil (awesome site for natural hair inspiration!).

From there, I was able to "track" this young lady down and she was kind enough to agree to share her story with us!

Meet Elfee Duquette

So tell us a little about yourself... What are your passions in life?My name is Elfee Duquette. I am originally from Seattle,Wa but now reside in Los Angeles. Right now I am pursuing acting. I've always said that  when I grow up I would like to be a star! I know I will be with hard work and dedication. I live for fashion art and music. Those are my passions and being inspired by my surroundings.

We love how you rock your natural hair! What’s your natural hair “story”I've been natural off and on since I was about a kid. But I didn't decide to do this classic look (featured in the Blackberry ad) until one day I was sitting in my bathroom thinking how can I look fabulous without spending so much money and doing something simple. Then I realized I could do a spin off of Audrey Hepburn classic do. That's how it all came about. I'm not  really into products. I've been using this leave in conditioner called Liv for years. Keratase shampoo if I do wash my hair. Which is very rare.

Many of my readers fell in love with your look, which was seen in a recently aired Blackberry television commercial. How did your role in that commercial come about and any tips on how to recreate that fab hair style you rocked in the commercial?Well darling,it just so happened that I was at a street fair in Seattle and the Casting Director for a upcoming blackberry commercial was there and asked me if I 1)had a blackberry 2)use blackberry messenger 3)wouldn't mind being filmed for the director. Of course I said yes to all these things. That's pretty much how it all happened. My hair is really simple. All I do is brush my hair straight up. Two twist parallel to each other on the bottom and then huge twist at the top and tuck. Ill probably have to do a youtube video eventually for you all to get it. But its so easy. Takes only but a few quick moments. (Mae: I would definitely love to see a vid tutorial of this!! *smile*)

What influences and inspires your style?Audrey Hepburn, Classic regalian belle. Ziggy Stardust I love the glam rock era!

Any advice to those who are considering making the transition to natural hair?You have more options when your hair is natural. More texture.

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