PRODUCT REVIEW: Pura Body Naturals Amazon Hair & Body Butter

PURA BODY NATURALS Amazon Hair & Body Butter

2 oz - $9.00, 4 oz- $14.00 (LINK TO PRODUCT)

Product Description:

MuruMuru is a Brazilian tree butter known to be a super emollient.  It's known to promote moisture retention,  restore sheen and softness while improving the flexibility of your hair.  Absolutely wonderful for conditioning dry, brittle, damaged hair .  Creates a permeable barrier that is said to prevent moisture loss when applied to wet hair while keeping hair soft and pliable and skin super soft.
How to use it:
*** MuruMuru butter has a unique texture and it's very sensitive to temperature changes.  The butter will melt in higher temperatures and solidy at low temperatures. Fat crystals can form in the butter as the texture changes with changes in the temperature; it may feel grainy in your hands.  The crystals melt easily when rubbed between hands. You can also melt the butter down and allow it to solidify again. **
  • The butter can be used on wet or dry hair for conditioning
  • The butter can be used to seal in moisture
  • The butter can be applied to skin to help retain moisture and keep skin super soft
  • The butter may be treated as a raw ingredient to use with other mixtures
Ingredients: Murumuru Butter, Tacuma Butter, Organic Brazil Nut Oil, and Macadamia Oil, and essential oil and/or fragrance
  • Murumuru Butter is grown in the depths of the Amazon and has been known its anti-inflammatory and bactericide properties.  It's rich oleic acid content promotes nutrition and moisture to skin and hair.  Murumuru acts as an excellent emollient properties along with its natural gloss brings a desirable shine to dry, damaged hair.  It's specifically useful for people of all ethnicities with kinky, curly, or wavy hair because of it's emollient abilities to increase manageability.  This product can be applied to chemically processed hair as well to increase moisture content and sheen.
  • Brazil Nut Oil is a wonderful hair conditioner, bringing shine, silkiness, and softness to hair and renewing dry, lifeless hair and split ends. Brazil nut oil in skin creams helps lubricate and moisturize the skin, provides antioxidant benefits with its high selenium content, helps prevents dryness, and leaves skin soft, smooth, and hydrated.
  • Macadamia Nut Oil is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins that penetrate the hair shaft.  Considered to be one of the best hair oils due to its ability to make hair smoother, stronger, nourished, and revitalized.  Macadamia nut oil contains vety high amounts of Omega 7 fatty acid which are known to replenish your hiar and reduce the appearance of dull, coarse, and dehydrated hair.
**Hair butter is all natural, without any added water.  Do not add water to the container with wet hands or by other means. ** **Due to the natural nature of the butter, it will melt at high temperatures.  If this occurs, place the container in a cool place until the butter hardens.  Once it hardens stir the product to create a creamier texture.  The quality of the product isn't compromised by this occurrence.** **The color of the butter can vary by batch due to the varying colors of natural butters** **Please do a patch test before fully using the product.  Formulated using nuts and tree nut ingredients.**
What I Thought: I didn't find this butter to be as creamy as the Cupuacu Hair Butter, so I stuck to using this product for my body. The product was a little hard when I tried to scoop it out of the jar, but I found that it melted quite easily between my palms. This product definitely helped to seal moisture in my skin when using it right after a shower. On dry skin, I found it to be a tad greasy. Overall, it did leave my skin feeling soft and also had a nice tropical scent.
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