PRODUCT REVIEW: Pura Body Naturals Sapote Hair Lotion


8 oz - $15.00 (LINK TO PRODUCT)

Product Description: Sapote Oil is grown throughout the West Indies, Central and South America.  It's rich in vitamins A, C, and plant proteins, carbohydrates, iron, potassium, and calcium.  Sapote restores the health of natural or chemically relaxed hair while improving manageability leaving your hair soft and luxurious.Can be used a daily conditioner for those seeking soft manageable hair both kids and adults.  Sapote Hair Lotion can be used as a skin lotion as well for soft supple skin.
Ingredients: water, BTMS (behentrimonium, cetearyl alcohol), organic sapote oil, babassu oil, cupuacu butter, organic brazil nut oil, coconut milk powder, green tea extract, banana fruit powder, mango fruit powder, vitamin E,  phenoxyethanol and capryl glycol(paraben and formaldehyde free preservative), and essential oils or fragrance.
  • Cupuacu Butter - Comes from a fruit tree of the chocolate family, native to the northern Amazon.  Cupuacu improves the appearance prematurely aging and thinning skin while being a superior moisturizer with great water absorption. It offers high levels of essential fatty acids, which with its rich phytosterols, help the appearance of your skin’s elasticity and overall appearance of your skin. Cupuacu's incredible creaminess promotes a special softness and smoothness to your skin to boosts natural moisture and help your skin appear more elastic.
Cupuacu promotes smoothness and softness to the hair increasing the natural moisture and elasticity.  The butter has proven to be beneficial for brittle, dry hair due to it's long lasting hydration properties to replenish moisture while promoting a healthy shine.  Cupuacu is considered hydrophpllic (water loving) with a high capacity to retain water and prevent moisture loss.
  • Brazil Nut Oil - Are harvested from trees in the Amazon rainforest. The nuts are  rich in nourishing, protein, and moisturizing properties.  Contains omega-6 acid which acts as a barrier to hair and skin to prevent water loss to help retain moisture.  Brazil nut oils is packed with vitamins A and E protecting the skin and hair from premature aging and dryness.  It brings shine, softness, and silkiness to the hair.  For skin, it acts as a moisturizer, provides antioxidant benefits, helps prevent dryness, and leaves skin soft, smooth, and hydrated.
  • Babassu Oil - expelled from the Babassu Palm Tree in northern Brazil.  It has been used for centuries as an emollient to soothe dry skin without adding a greasy feel.  Babassu moisturizes and restores hair's strength and elasticity.
  • Mamey Sapote Oil - extracted from the sapote fruit native to Latin America.  Sapote is rich in vitamins A, C, carbohydrates, plant proteins, iron, and potassium.  Has been used for years to combat dry hair and help retain moisture.
What I Thought: I used this product as a leave-in conditioner when I did my braid-out for the first time and my hair loved it! It really helped my hair to retain moisture after my wash, and was also light enough to use when re-braiding my hair at night, with no excess product-build up. It also had my hair feeling quite soft! The consistency was a bit thicker than the Murumuru Moisture Milk, which is why I liked it better for my thick, very dense hair : )>>> PURA BODY NATURALS CUPUACU HAIR BUTTER REVIEW
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