Mae’s Braid-Out after a Blow-Out [VID TUTORIAL]

Additional tips for well-defined braid-outs1. When braiding, make sure to pull the base of the braid tight to your scalp. This maximizes length and increases definition throughout the entire section of hair.2. Near the end of each braid, twist the remaining section of hair. I've found that this helps my hair to hold better and also creates more of a spiral curl pattern at the ends of your hair when you unravel your hair.3. For more length and definition, do smaller braids across your head.4. To minimize frizziness, put a bit of natural oils on your fingers and smooth over each braid before unraveling. Do this before separating the braids further as well. I actually use a homemade "Sweet Shine" spritz that is simple and easy to make. [Check out the RECIPE here]5. For more volume, simply separate the braids further after unraveling. The more you separate, the more volume you can achieve with your style!

What are some of YOUR tips for achieving fab braid-outs?

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