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How long have you been natural? I've been natural for about 1 and a half years. I did the BC on August 13th, 2009.When and why did you start your blog & vlog? I've had my youtube channel for about 4 years. I started posting videos to show women the proper way to apply makeup. There are so many women out there who don't know the proper application methods or coloring, so I wanted to help those women who may feel overwhelmed about everything and who need guidance. What do you love most about blogging/vlogging? I love getting positive feedback from subscribers and fans. It moves me to want to do more videos. I love putting my work out there because I am very passionate about what I do and it feels good to have others recognize my passion. How would you describe your hair? My hair is VERY curly. I haven't officially gotten a professional opinion, but I guess you can consider my hair type 3c/4a... It's very thick but very soft. My curls are very defined and are very coiled and springy and consistent all over, it's all one texture. When I slick it back, the waves are very defined. My hair is shiny, but it does shed alot. I guess I could use a little shedding since it is so thick. It grows about average I guess, although others around me think it grows very fast. Overall, I love it!

What are 5 products your hair can’t live without? Well that is real easy for me. I am not a huge PJ, I tend to stick with the things that my hair loves and responds to. I have trained my hair to respond the same way everytime, well almost every time. But I NEED Herbal Essence Hello Hydration, that is a must. I use it almost everyday in the summer, it's so hydrating and smells so good. Perfect for co-washes. As far as styling goes, I am really enjoying Curls Goddess Curls. I use that on my wash n go's and apply it using my "Shake and Go" method (it was featured on Also for styling, I am a gel lover... It works great with my hair, so I love using IC Fantasia Gel because it doesn't contain alcohol. It lays my sides down without it getting too hard and it keeps my hair shiny. For my twist outs, I have found that using Sulfur 8 Loc, Twist, and Braid Butter seals my ends very well. I don't use it very often, but it helps my twist outs last longer. And if I had to choose another product, it would have to be... my Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioner. I sometimes use this for styling as well.

How did you get started in the MUA world and what do you love most about it? I get asked this all the time, and my story is an interesting one. Most people know, just from my youtube videos, that my educational background is in Industrial Engineering. I graduated, received my B.S. in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Industrial Psychology, and worked in the Manufacturing field for 3 years. It wasn't bad, but I knew I didn't want to do it for the rest of my life. Let me stop lying, it was bad... I hated it!!! I have always been VERY creative throughout life, so I was always drawing, painting, sketching... whatever. I was the kid who would draw on EVERYTHING and ANYTHING I could get my hands on. I was the one in high school who would sketch out my outfits so I could figure out what I was going to wear out. So that's why I was conflicted, both sides of my brain were competing. Being creative was a passion of mine and I begin to think that Fashion Design was what I wanted to do. Well, I quickly realized how competitive that field was and since I didn't even know how to sew, I gave that dream up. I started playing in makeup and started getting really good at it. I was precise and and my application was well blended so my friends started wanting me to do their makeup. From there I taught myself tricks and techniques and started perfecting them with lots of practice and watching youtube. I got up enough courage to apply to MAC and put myself out there with photo shoots, etc. and the responses were great. I was hired onto MAC full time and currently do freelance gigs throughout the Atlanta. I love what I do, it allows me to be who I am and say and do what I please. That's what I love the most about being a makeup artist. I can be funky, and daring and inspire others to follow their own dreams. Chopping off my hair just put the icing on the cake because again, I was able to express myself as to how I truly wanted to be portrayed. I also love to show others how beautifully and effortlessly makeup can be applied, with just a little practice. Colors look good on our skin and so many women are scared of them, I love to show women of color what many options we have without having to completely alter how we look using makeup.

What words would you leave with someone who is thinking about going natural? Do it!!! Do your research of course, but if you're thinking about doing it, just do it. What's the worse that can happen, you hate it? Then just go back to relaxers, but I highly doubt that's what you will do. And I encourage ladies to do the BC as well... You never really know how your hair is until all the relaxer is out. Experiencing those different lengths allows you to get to know your hair on a more intimate level because it is growing with you. You will learn so many things that you couldn't possible learn if you just grew it out and trimmed, in my opinion.

Where can we find you online? Well I have a few ways I can be reached. My website is so if you are in need of my services, please look at some of my work and fill out the contact form. On youtube, my link is I post videos of tutorials or just informative videos on hair, makeup, fashion, or whatever... lol. And if you want to follow me on my crazy daily journeys, I am on twitter: Oh, and my email (which if you respond to my Contact page on my website, it goes straight to it), should you have any questions. I'm also on Facebook underneath Alexandra Butler, but I will be putting together a page just for my makeup so be on the look out for that entitled, Alexandra Makeup Artistry.

Thanks so much for this opportunity and for letting me tell my story. I hope it reaches everyone and inspires someone to do whatever it is their mind is telling them they need to do. We all have to stick together and be supportive of one another. Especially when we are doing something positive and trying to better the world. Muah... lol.

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