Carol’s Daughter “Awaken Your Senses” [RECAP]

The Carol's Daughter store in Lenox Square Mall (Atlanta, GA) launched their spring series of events with an event called "Awaken Your Senses" that promoted their new fragrance (Orange Ambrosia). I'm not a huge fan of citrus smells, but the new fragrance was actually quite nice and not too overpowering on the "citrus side" of things : )Lamik Beauty was also there at the event giving makeovers to some of the ladies in attendance and the upbeat mood at the event was set by a DJ.

This is a little silly, but one of the highlights of event for me was actually eating one of the scrumptious cupcakes they had at the event!! *smile*

It was a nice after-work event and the Carol's Daughter team really did a great job of creating a welcoming atmosphere for promoting heir new products. As always, it was fun running into my fellow ATL naturalistas!

For more pics, check out the Natural Chica Facebook Fan Page Album!

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