Natural Hair Workshop in the UK!

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AT THE WORKSHOP YOU'LL LEARN:* Hair care maintenance the natural way * How to transition into a healthier hair style * Diet tips to strengthen our bodies and our hair * Hairstyle demonstrations * The importance of connecting mind, body and spirit to promote hair growth * Understanding what type of hair you are working withENGAGING DISCUSSIONS:* Q&A: What should I do with this hair? * Why kinky curly hair is a blessingEACH TICKET HOLDER WILL RECEIVE:* Fabulous Swag Bag Gifts! * Giveaways and Other Natural Hair Prizes * Appetizers, great music and a chance to meet other naturals!If you have children with kinky, curly or mixed hair and need advice, come to the workshop!If you have straight hair, weaved hair or pressed hair and need to know what to do in between breaks from straightening or tightening, come to the workshop!If you're a stylist looking to diversify your hairstyling techniques and knowledge of natural hair, come to the workshop!Event starts at 12:00pm - 5pm.  Natural Hair Workshop begins 12:30PM-3:30PM.Door Cost - 25.00 - So get your pre-sale tickets today!CASH ONLY at the Door - Due to the location of the this event, no one under the age of 18yrs. is allowed.


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