The American Express Prepaid Card: My Experience #1

As a student, I'm always looking for better ways to manage and save my money. So when I was offered the opportunity to try out the American Express Prepaid Card and blog about my experience, I eagerly said yes!At first, I thought the American Express Prepaid Card was just a card where you can load specific amounts of money to the card. After reading more about the card however, I realized that there would be ways to track and manage your spending with the card online as well! American Express states that the card was specifically designed to help consumers be smarter with their spending, as well as provide an easy alternative to carrying around cash.Be sure to stay posted to the site as I will be sharing my experiences with the card and it's features!Entry #1: Setting up the American Express Prepaid CardOrdering my card online was a quick and easy process. When you order, you have the choice to add funds to the card then, or wait until after you receive the card to load funds, as well as connect the card to your bank account. Once I received the card in the mail,  I had to activate it via telephone, which also didn't take much time.To add funds to the card, I had to set up an account online through the American Express Prepaid Card site. Once I was set up, it was as simple as clicking "Load Funds" to start the transfer of money from my bank to my card. My plan is to transfer a specific amount of funds to the card to set aside for really specific purchases so I won't go above my desired limit! I also like the fact that you can setup the card to reload with a specific amount on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. I'm really excited to see how this card will help me manage my day-to-day spending!FTC Disclaimer: Funds were provided to load on the American Express Prepaid Card for reviewing purposes.
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