Determining Your Skin Type

Determining Your Skin Type


When you visit a licensed esthetician, a great benefit is a thorough consultation and skin analysis to help determine your skin type. This analysis can assist you in developing a skin care regimen. I had a client last week who had the most beautiful skin, so I had to ask, "What products do you use on your skin?" To my surprise she replied just water. This is not uncommon if you have great genetics. You could be blessed to have beautiful, wrinkle free skin until you are in your 80's. However, I still recommend using a facial cleanser only because water does not actually cleanse the skin. It is just a rinse, which means even if you use it every day, you will still have dirt left on the skin. If you have never had a facial, I highly recommend you visit a licensed esthetician, but in the mean time, here are a few tips to help with determining your skin type.

  • For most people genetics and ethnicity are a big factor in skin type
  • Generally the size of your pores indicates your skin type: Small pores=dry skin,  Large pores=oily skin, Normal pores=Normal combination skin
  • 85% of people have combination skin. Just because you are oily in your T-zone does not mean you have oily skin. An oily T-zone usually indicates combination skin.
  • Oily skin is predominantly indicated by two factors: large pores and acne or blemishes.
  • Normal skin is balanced with a sufficient supply of sebum and moisture.

Check out this video showing what happens in a skin treatment appointment

by Rachel Odem, Licensed Beauty Expert ( of )

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