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Today, I had the honor of being a guest beauty blogger at the Sam Fine Beauty event hosted by Marian Anderson of Haute Travels! This was truly a wonderful event and it would be an understatement to say that I was excited to meet and learn from celebrity makeup artist, Sam Fine!The event was held at the Ernest Washington Studios in Atlanta, GA. Upon entering the building, I was greeted by representatives from Vitamin Water, which was one of the sponsors for the event.Before the event began, I ran into some of my fellow beauty blogger friends like Lexi (LexiWithTheCurls: YT), Mimi (MimiJ Online of P3 Labs), Mattie (Mattieologie), Alex (AlexandraBond) and Ren (MakeupbyRenRen: YT). It's always fun when we end up at some of the same events : )Marian Anderson of Haute Travels welcomed us to the event, and also introduced us to the founder of Living Water for Girls, which was the beneficiary for this beauty event. Lisa Williams, the founder of Living Water for Girls informed us of the wonderful work her organization is doing to rescue "American girls from the trauma of prostitution and commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking."

Marian Anderson of Haute Travels

Lisa Williams, Founder of Living Water for Girls

The room literally erupted with cheers and a standing ovation when THE Sam Fine entered the room! He dove straight into a Q&A session, where I quickly realized that he truly had a passion for sharing his knowledge!

Throughout the seminar, there was SO MUCH great information being shared! It was definitely a balance  trying to listen, watch the makeup demonstration and take notes lol. Sam discussed what seemed to be all corners of the makeup world from beauty basics for a beginner to the business aspects of having a makeup artistry career.

Since there was so much being shared, I've decided to just share some of the highlights that I was able to jot down!

1. In makeup artistry...product, technique and application are key

2. Makeup is trial and error. You have to be more comfortable in trying different things out. Get in there and practice.

3. As a growing artist, know what you're good at and work on those skills. Don't compare your artistic abilities to someone else's.

4. Many women of color deal with not having a homogeneous color of their lips. To mask this, use of lip liner, lipstick and gloss are usually necessary.

5. Realize that "as makeup artists, we are sensitive...but we are servants (to clients)"

6. If you've had your makeup for a month, realize that it has bacteria in it. If you've had it for 6 months or longer...throw it away!

7. When working on a client, start out in the center of the face because that's where you can really figure out what's going on as it relates to matching their color, deciding how much coverage they need.

8. You get more coverage when using creams when compared to liquids.

9. As a makeup artist, to be competitive you need to know what other people are charging in your area and know specifically what you bring to the table as an artist.

10. Advice for beginners: Do more than what you're comfortable with and take your time

11. Be honest, true and on-time about your business!

12. You can use a clear mascara to brush brows and set them after filling them in with a brow pencil.

13. For televion/film...you need a foolproof face! This is not the time to wear all the trends.

14. You can use dark brown shadow to line underneath the eye to bring definition without using pencil or liner.

15. For a dramatic wing liner look for the eye, use a liquid liner. For a smoky look, use a pencil, shadow and smudge.

16. Remember that if you aren't getting enough coverage, simply adding more layers can give your more coverage.

17. To manipulate coverage after application, you can use a tissue to blot. It removes the oils, but not the contouring/defintion.

18. To prevent creasing underneath the eye, look up and pull down when applying your concealer and setting with your loose translucent powder.

During the seminar, Sam Fine actually did a demo makeup application session where he did half of a woman's face so we could really see and understand the different techniques he used. During the demo, he gave tips on layering for coverage, blending with other pigments to create definition, showing how to use powder for setting applied makeup and many other tips!

He also gave 5 beauty basics for a "16 yr old face"

- Concealer

- Setting powder: translucent loose powder

- Mascara

- Bronzer

- Lipgloss

*additional basics for a more "mature" face: lipstick, lipliner, blush, liquid eyeliner (felt tip - easier to use)

Now these are literally just a snippet of what Sam Fine shared today! For more tips, I strongly suggest you follow him on Twitter ( @SamFineBeauty ), where he's highly interactive and always willing to share his expertise. I would also suggest checking out his DVD,

[From L to R: Mattie (Mattieologie), Tami (Talking with Tami), Marian Anderson (Haute Travels), Sam Fine, Mae (Natural Chica)]


(Included in this album: Pics of all the makeup Sam had displayed on his table. I will certainly be looking up the products he used)

Thanks again to Marian of Haute Travels for inviting me to be a beauty blogger at this event!

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