Trip to the Atlanta Zoo with my American Express Prepaid Card!

So my journey with the new American Express Prepaid Card continues! ...I LOVE animals and have been watching countless features on National Geographic recently when I decided..why not visit the lovely creatures living here in my own city : )  Since a preset amount of funds had already transferred from my bank account onto my American Express Prepaid Card , I decided to use the card for my outing!

Paying for my entrance fee was a breeze with my AMEX prepaid card. It was just like handing over my credit card. It was also good to know that I had already set aside funds to use for my trip and I didn't have to worry about going over budget on my trip. This actually helped when I kept reminding myself to not waste my funds on unnecessary (but oh so tempting) snack food within the zoo, which of course gave me more time to actually enjoy and visit with all the animals there...and save some mulah : )One thing I'll note when preloading funds onto the card is that if you are planning to use the card for an outing, make sure to transfer funds at least 3 business days in advance so you can be ready to make moves! I definitely had a positive experience with the American Express Prepaid Card on this outing.

(Isn't this Panda the cutest!!)

FTC Disclaimer: Funds were provided to load on the American Express Prepaid Card for reviewing purposes.

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