DIY Beautiful Brow Tips by Licensed Beauty Expert, Rachel Odem

Grooming your brows or having them done makes a huge difference. The perfect shape can make you look years younger and your eyes will really stand out. Try not to adapt to whatever the fashionable trend is in eyebrow shaping, choose to follow your natural arch for the best results. If you have over tweezed, you can easily correct the arch by using the following tips.

  • Try not to stand too close to the mirror. Doing so can cause you to over tweeze. With a disposable mascara wand or brow, comb gently, brush the hair up and into the direction of the natural hair growth pattern.
  • Use an eyebrow pencil to draw in the shape that suits your taste. My favorite drug store brand is Maybelline Define A Brow.
  • With a white eyeliner shade areas you wish to remove.
  • Now that you have a shape drawn in and white area to be removed, tweeze any hairs that fall outside of the line of the brow.
  • Brush the brows straight up, with a pair of manicure scissors. Trim any hairs that are too long or curly.
  • With a flat angled brush and eyeshadow, trace over eyebrow pencil and define brows.
  • To insure brow color lasts all day use a brow sealer similar to this one from Taut (Perfect Brow Control)

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What do you do to groom and define your eyebrows?

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