Top Product Picks for a Natural Makeup Look by Licensed Beauty Expert, Rachel Odem


by Rachel Odem

So it's no secret that many natural chicas choose to live natural lifestyles and for some, this includes the belief that no makeup is better. This belief is not always true, as you can wear makeup and still have a natural appearance. If you have the concern of makeup doing harm to your skin and you do not wear makeup for this reason, never fear. I am here to help with my top picks for natural makeup.1) Liquid foundation- If your skin is in great condition, choose liquid foundation. You will love the way it feels on your skin and it will give your skin a sheer even tone. If you want to glam it up a little, mix a little pigment in your foundation and add a little to your cheekbones for a beautiful natural glow.2) Mineral Foundation- I love mineral foundation and will often recommend it to my clients that have sensitive skin. I also like that most mineral foundations contain titanium dioxide which is a natural sun protectant.3) Concealer- This is the one product I must say you can not leave home without it, especially for african american women. We are prone to hyper pigmentation and concealer helps to even out the skin tone and create a flawless look. I use it on all of the areas of my face I want to highlight.

Application of Concealer

Blending In Concealer

4) Lip Gloss-This is no secret. Who doesn't love a great lip gloss? Whether your choice is clear, a tinted hue of berry, red or brown, you can never go wrong with a dab of lipgloss on the lips.5)Bronzer- Bronzer is great to use year round. You can use it to warm up your complexion and as a blush if you don't like a lot of color on your cheeks.


6) Eyeshadow can be a challenging thing to learn. Most people get a little confused with the many color options. When I am in hurry and I want to define my eyes, I like to use Cover Girl Intense Shadow Blast.The color is well....Intense:) and I find it very easy to use. Just a swipe of color and a little black mascara and you are done




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