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 Credible Behavior

This guest post is by Personal Trainer, Fitness Youtuber / Blogger, and Motivational Coach Lance Negron of Fitness Body 4 Life“The most frequent response to the question, What is credibility behavior?, is, "They do what they say they will do.” When it comes to deciding whether a leader is believable, people first listen to the words, then they watch the actions. They listen to the talk, and then they watch the walk. They listen to the promises of resources to support change initiatives, and then they wait to see if the money and materials follow. They hear the promises to deliver, and then they look for evidence that the commitments are met. A judgment of “credible” is handed down when words and deeds are consonant. If people don’t see consistency, they conclude that the leader is, at best, not really serious, or, at worst, an outright hypocrite. If leaders espouse one set of values but personally practice another, people find them to be duplicitous. If leaders practice what they preach, people are more willing to entrust them with their livelihood and even their lives.”
The Quote above is from the book: Leading with Kindness: How Good People Consistently Get Superior Results
  When it comes to humans we have no choice but to believe in the actions of what people do, it’s how we learn. When we were babies we emulated what we saw and heard. We watched enough people walk that we were able to learn how walk. We listened to enough people talk so we learned how to talk. We have no choice but to judge people off of their actions.When it comes to trusting in people we normally end up trusting the people who Talk the talk, and walk the walk. This is why it is so important for politicians, managers, teachers, etc to make sure that they keep up their image. Understanding this power can be used for good or for evil, and unfortunately we usually see this used for evil.We are used to people making promises to us and then not following through with them. Unfortunately this is why we are stuck in such a negative society. We are always on our guard about being lied too, or being used by the people that we know. When that happens it becomes a virus in the minds of the people and spreads all throughout the world. The problem is that we become what we think about most, so if everyone thinks that everyone is lying and they can’t trust them then that is what will happen. The flip side of this is that it is also possible to actually change your thinking and become a person of trust.If you start to make small promises to people and come through with what you say then that will give people hope that people can change. It will give hope to one person who will then be motivated to be trusting to another person, and so on from there. Not only will being trustworthy help out the world, but it will help you out as well. When you can be trusting to other people that means you can be trusting of yourself. This means you will be able to start setting goals for yourself and following through on them. Once you are able to trust yourself with your own promises then trusting in others and others trusting in you become easier.All you have to do is make very simple promises, and back them up. Even if it is something like getting a snack for a co-worker, or bringing your friend some water while they are watching tv, or calling someone back when you say you will. “It’s the simple things that matter.” The reason that this is true is because most people can’t even do the simple thing. If you can’t even trust someone with simple things how can you trust them with bigger life situations. All we have to do is work on the living up to the simple things in life, to ourselves and to others, and in a few months you will start to feel your life change in ways you couldn’t even imagine.

What an important thing it is to be considered credible & trustworthy. What other areas of life are you looking to improve on this year? Remember that big changes can start with little steps! *Mae*

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