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This year, I've decided to start a new series called SPOTLIGHT, where I will feature people, businesses and things that pique my interest!

Today's spotlight is on Sicely, a young woman who I had the pleasure of meeting at a beauty panel. After chatting for a while, I learned that she had a part to play in coordinating the wardrobe for the cast of BET's Reed Between the Lines. How cool is that!

So Sicely, what's your natural hair story?

Well, I started growing my relaxer out in 2007 and I did the big chop in October of 09' and I've been letting it grow back ever since. I've always had thick hair, but I started getting relaxers when I was about ten or eleven and really couldn't remember what my natural curl pattern was. A friend of mine inspired me to grow my relaxer out in 07. When I saw her do the big chop, I was like sheesh I can do it too! lol.

What do you love most about having natural hair?

Honestly it's been a love/ not so love relationship with my natural hair. Mainly because it's been challenging for me to find a product that I really loved for my hair. But I will admit, having color in my hair without it breaking off has been one thing I love about my natural mane. It's still thick, *face palms* sometimes I think its gotten thicker (which I didn't even know was possible) Ha! I've noticed the longer it gets, the more maintenance I have to give it...says the girl who wants her hair to grow like wild flowers.

What's your regimen? Any favorite styles?

I swear YouTube has my hair regimen changing every week. And thanks to you Mae I always think my hair can do what your hair does. Ha! Yea right! Lol. But I wash my hair with a creme rinse or conditioner just about every week, with the Wen hair care line. I've tried the mint, and fig fragrances. Then I sit under a hair steamer with a conditioner, where I'm really starting to like Hello hydration by Herbal Essences. I mostly wear twist outs because braid outs don't really work well with my hair, where I use AfroVeda's products and Jane Carter's Curl defining creme. Lately I've been doing dry twist out's because its much quicker and I really like how my hair looks as opposed to doing a twist out on wet hair.

What was it like working on the set of "Reed Between The Lines"  and what did you think about the episode where they discussed natural hair?

(From L to R): Sicely Harris, Zoe Hendrix, Tracee Ellis Ross, Zoe Soul, Rita McGhee(Costume designer for RBTL) and Alita Bailey(Assistant Costume designer for RBTL

Working on Reed Between The Lines (RBTL) was Divine. I've always heard people talk about what it felt like to want to go to work, love your job and the people you work with, but I had never experienced that until June 2011, which is when we started filming RBTL. The cast is amazing on and off screen and the crew is simply wonderful. I don't think I've ever laughed or danced so much at work in my life, lol. It's truly been a blessing to have been apart of something so great. I'm really excited about the future for Reed.

The episode on RBTL, where they discussed natural hair was great, much needed and a breath of fresh air. We rarely get to see good TV discuss the benefits of wearing YOUR hair in its natural state. So originally when I read the script for this episode, I was soooo excited because I'm like finally somebody is going to talk about this natural hair wave, and how many women this topic affects in an uplifting way. Then on top of that I was even more excited because this discussion is taking place on the show I'm working on! I loved how Carla on the show really gave her daughter Kaci some good, solid and useful information about her self image. Unfortunately for a lot of girls in high school having natural hair isn't always deemed pretty or cute or beautiful. You see so many young girls with relaxers and weaves. I'm not knocking either of the two, however it's important for any young woman to know that she is beautiful the way she is. And that episode of Reed portrayed that. Or at least that's one of the messages I took from it. Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Yes, please continue to show support to good TV shows depicting black families, healthy marriages, and good working relationships in a positive way. Also If, you have suggestions, comments and ideas about the show, I'd say write an email to BET and let them know how you feel. I promise you, it would definitely make a difference.

Thanks Sicely for sharing with our Natural Chica readers! We wish you well in all your future endeavors!

Sidenote: Have any of you been watching "Reed Between the Lines"? Did you catch the episode where they were discussing natural hair? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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