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I happened to come across the music of Kirby Lauryen through a Natural Chica reader and  I was so grateful to have been introduced to her music! When I visited her YouTube channel, I was impressed when I learned that she had decided to take part in a "Song A Day" challenge, where she not only was writing new lyrics, but playing the piano and singing a new tune every day!

Meet Kirby Lauryen

Can you tell us a bit about your musical journey? I have been singing forever. Singing with the sippy cup, singing in church, if there was a microphone I was there. I  fell in love with writing at a young age. I was the kid who was excited about essays or short answer questions on tests because I always knew I had a way with words. I grew up around Soul & R&B & inspirational music so instinctively that is was comes out of me.I used to write songs as a child, but I didn’t really begin to take it serious until high school. I turned down my dreams of being a doctor, and followed my heart. I majored in Music Business/songwriting at Berklee College of Music.

I am inspired by life, my family, my aunts, my sister, particularly relationships and things that we as women go through. I think there’s so much left to be said in music, I am always looking for new ways to say “I love You” or “I Miss You.” Or “You Hurt Me.”

What motivated you to start a "Song A Day" project? You know for the past two years of my life I had given so much energy to things that ultimately didn’t give back to me. Relationships, people, jobs.. I had given my time to everything but my purpose.Any favorite songs so far? A Song A Day was nothing that I really planned, I know the idea was God given. I started writing and I haven’t stopped since. My favorites oh gosh.. I love DAY#132 “THE LAST ISLE  DAY#22 RED ohhhh DAY#123 He’Motional too J there’s a lot ! lol

The Last Isle

What have you learned from this process and what have been some of your most memorable moments as a result of this project?Song A Day has taught me it’s ok to not be perfect. That people are looking for honest, they’re looking for relatable, they’re looking for themselves in you.  And when they see a piece of who they are in you, you gain a priceless connection.


Wow, one of my favorite moments was the opportunity to open up for MIGUEL & the opportunity to perform at SOBS in NYC . Most importantly, connecting with people and hearing people say “ I cried listening to this “ or “you literally sang my life.” I’ll never forget moments like that.We'd love to hear about your natural hair journey! Any favorite products or styles?Going natural was the best thing I ever did regarding my hair. My mother & sister went natural first, and I couldn’t get into it. But in 2010 I decided to stop getting relaxers. My favorite method is the BRAID OUT AFTER BLOW OUT courtesy of THE NATURAL CHICA. I absolutely love that style, It gives me length and volume. I use Shea Moisture products and  I just recently used Hair Rules which I loved!

Anything else you would like to share with our Natural Chica readers?2 years ago my best friend from college big chopped in London, and when she sent me the inspiration for her decision it was your “ BIG CHOP video.”  It’s amazing to see life come full circle. You have inspired so many young girls to be bold & to be beautiful. Thank you for that! (Mae: I am truly humbled to hear that! Hearing stories like that give me motivation to keep doing what I'm doing!) Please let us know how we can keep in touch with you! You can find me onYouTube: http://www.youtube.com/kirbylauryensingsTwitter: @kirbylauryenTumblr: tumblr.com/blog/kirbylauryenOr EMAIL ME: kirbylauryensings@gmail.com

We want to thank Kirby so much for sharing with us. Please go check her out and support her mission through music! Don't forget to tell her that Mae sent ya : )

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