::Thrifty Chica Finds:: Brown Purses w/ Cool Detailing!

 I can still remember the first day I went "thrifting" 9 years ago. I was a freshman in college and had joined a group of girlfriends for a fun-filled day of shopping. Our last stop that day was at a local thrift store and everyone was shocked that it was my first time at a thrift store. I also remember being quickly overwhelmed by the dozens of rows jam-packed with blouses, pants, skirts and the like. It took a lot of guidance from my friends that day, but I was pleased to go home with a pretty, pink pleated pink skirt for $3.99 (which I still love to wear to this day!).

Since that day, I've become a huge fan of "thrifting". I've found it to be not only a great way to save money but a source of adventure as I'm always anxious to see what interesting second-hand finds are going to come my way next!

...and hence the introduction of "Thrifty Chica". Because I'm always excited to share my thrifting finds with my friends and family, I've decided to incorporate it as a feature here on my site so you guys can join in on the fun too!

Keep posted, because I am definitely interested in featuring some of your fantastic finds as well : ) 


Today's finds come from my trip to the Goodwill of North Georgia. I've gone there several times before and it is a very organized store. I'm not a huge fan of the fixed pricing based on the type of item you are buying (e.g. shirts, pants, shoes, etc.), however, you can still discover great finds if you look hard enough. Sidenote: During that trip, I spotted a pair of fabulous Jeffrey Campbell pumps but they weren't my size *HUGE SIGH* lol 

What I did find though were two beautiful brown handbags, which was great since I was actually looking to purchase some new ones!

What I loved about this bag was the texture of the material and also the gold detailing at the base of the handles. It's a well-made purse and will be great for everyday usage.

 Have I mentioned I'm a fan of detailing? I loved the pockets on this purse, but check out the lining on the inside as well! It has a beautiful and fun blue floral print that definitely caught my eye.Since this location has fixed pricing, I was able to score both of these bags for $4.94 each, which I thought was great due to the excellent condition the bags were in and the cool detailing.

How about you...have you ever found a great second-hand bag that you absolutely LOVE? 

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