::REVIEW:: Caseable Ipad 2 Case

I love products where you're able to customize certain features to reflect your own personal style, so I was too excited when Caseable approached me with an opportunity to review  one of their Caseable iPad cases! Caseable sells hand-crafted cases made from recycled materials for a wide variety of electronics, including laptops, e-readers and tablets. Not only do they offer a wide variety of designs to choose from, but they also let you upload your own artwork to give a personal touch to your custom case.

For my iPad 2 case, I decided to select artwork from one of their featured artists, Bianca Green.

I loved the floral print and the color palette in this design. Excellent way to spice up my iPad 2 : )

Once my Caseable iPad 2 case arrived, I was immediately impressed with the quality of the printed artwork and the materials used to make the case. The interior is a soft suede, which helps to protect the screen. They also included rubberized edges on the case so you can use the case as a stand to view your iPad at different viewing angles. Another nice addition is the pocket, located on the inside of the case.

Overall, I was definitely pleased with the product and I would definitely recommend that you check them out if you're looking to treat yourself to a custom case for one of your electronics, or if you're looking for a gift idea that can be easily customized. For more info, visit www.caseable.com.

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