:: SPOTLIGHT :: Graphic Designer, Keema of Pencil Me In Stationery

How did you get started in graphic design?

I've always had a love for art growing up. I actually wanted to become an architect, but the school I applied to didn't have an architecture program. They did have graphic design, however. I fell in LOVE with everything about design after only a few classes. I won a "Connecticut Art Director's Club Portfolio Award" in 2006 competing with about 20 other schools, which gave me a boost of inspiration to continue.What inspires you?I am inspired by everything around me. Whether it's food (I designed my living room using the colors from my bowl of pasta), home decor, fabric, fashion, or just walking around New York. Sometimes I'll wander in to an art gallery before or after work.

Any tips for aspiring graphic designers?

There was a point when I thought graphic design wasn't for me. I realized that I just needed to start my own studio where there are no rules nor creative restrictions. I would suggest tapping into what makes you happy and no one else.

What's your natural hair story? I've been transitioning since last year (approaching a year soon!) and I've been loving it. I found a hair stylist who is natural herself, and she gives me great advice on products to use for my hair type. Currently, I have a sewn-in weave to protect my transitioning hair (I've heard stories about protecting your line of demarcation). The texture of the hair is similar to my natural hair, which is great for practice. Within the next 6 months, I'll be chopping off the rest of the permed hair and rocking my natural curls. 

Keema was kind enough to send me one of her designs printed on a Casemate iPhone 4S case and I must say I'm a fan! 

You can check out more of Keema's work at:





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