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When it comes to body sugar scrubs, I'm a tiny bit obsessed. They are wonderful for exfoliation and it always feels like I'm having my own personal spa experience at home when I use them : ) So imagine my delight when I meet Syreeta, owner of "Be Spoiled Natural Body Products" who introduces me to her diverse line of all natural sugar scrubs at this year's World Natural Hair Show. Syreeta kindly offered me two of her body sugar scrubs to try and I'm definitely a fan!

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The "Be Merry Peppermint Sugar Scrub" is extremely invigorating! The product's stated benefits such as exfoliation, reduction of pain & tension along with moisturizing effects are true to claim! I felt so relaxed after using this scrub and I didn't even need to put on lotion after I rinsed it off because the oils in the scrub did a wonderful job of sealing in the moisture! Using this scrub at the end of a long day is such a treat.

When I see a product that has mango or coconut, I MUST try it! This one has BOTH and it was so refreshing. The scent was light, but it was just enough to make you feel like you were relaxing on a beach in the Carribean (well... that's where I wanted to be while I was using this!)

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