Tweezerman Mix ‘N Match Runway Prints Unbreakable Mirrors and Striped Mini Slant Tweezers


I never thought I could have a little fun with my grooming tools until I saw this new colorful line from Tweezerman!

The mini slant tweezers (Price: $15) and mirrors (Price: $12.50) are the perfect size to stow away in your purse or travel beauty bag. I've always been a fan of Tweezerman tweezers and I'm glad that the miniature versions work just as well as their award-winning Slant Tweezer.

The "SoleMates" (Price: $22) is basically a combo between a micro-file and a finishing file that you can use to revive your feet by removing dead skin and reducing calluses for softer and smoother feet. I find that this works best after a long, warm foot bath.

To check these out for yourself, you can visit a Sephora store or visit online


 Disclaimer: was given these products for review and was not compensated monetarily for this review. 
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