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I’m so excited about guest blogging on Natural Chica and brining you the new “Style Sessions” series. Some of you may have style questions like, “How do I incorporate neon into my work wardrobe?” or “When can I wear a blazer?” or even “What’s the best way to make my outfits more colorful?” I’m hoping the series is a fun way for us to answer these questions and discover ways to wear the season’s hottest trends in real life. Hopefully these “Style Sessions” give you tons of new inspiration!


Krystal K.

The Feisty House

 One of the easiest ways to make an outfit more interesting is to pair two different prints. The effects of print mixing can really make your outfit stand out if you can pull off the look. Here are some simple rules you can follow in order to ensure your mixed prints don’t come out looking like a complete mess!

krystalk mixed prints

 1. Match different prints in the same color.A mixed print look can easily look busy if it’s overdone. One way to keep the look simple is to pair prints in the same color family. It makes the prints stand out, but keeps the look from being confusing.2. Leopard prints are your friend.I treat leopard prints as a neutral when I dress—I just pair it with anything. Leopard prints rarely ever clash with other prints, so it’s great to use them, especially if you’re new to mixing prints. Leopard print is also great on its own! Use it in two different colors to get a really great effect! 3. When all else fails…use stripes.Pieces patterned in black-and-white stripes (or polkadots!) are even easier to mix than leopard pieces in my opinion. You really can’t go wrong. Black-and-white stripes look great with florals, busy patterns like paisley, and even other stripes. See how I mixed my striped tank with a pair of floral printed shorts? It’s really easy to do. Just make sure whatever you’re pairing with your black-and-white stripes has black and white in it, or else you could end up clashing. 

Print mixing is a trend you can wear year-round, but it’s especially useful in the summer when you can’t create interest my wearing layers. For more mixed print inspiration, see my posts here and here.

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