Taking Back Our Dollars: One Beauty Brand at a Time

Taking Back Our Beauty Dollars
Of an estimated 13,300 beauty supply stores, only about 400 are owned by African-American men and women, despite their prevalence in predominantly African-American communities and the dominating customer base of African-American women.

When it comes to shopping and asking for guidance, customers have a better experience when the shop owners and staff are knowledgeable about hair types, the frustrations thereof and the the best products, tools and techniques that shoppers need to know about.

One unique boutique, centered entirely around naturally-curly hair, that is owned and operated by an African-American woman experienced with hair textures and women's self-esteem is Tendrils and Curls, owned by Dr. Paula Chrishon, and located both in Houston, Texas, and online.

What motivated the opening of Tendrils and Curls?
  • Dr. Paula Chrishon, a trained clinical psychologist and professor of psychology was reared with a mother who was an entrepreneur with her own salon partnership. Chrishon went on to pursue her education in psychology, with a dissertation that focused specifically on the negative, self-deprecating habits of African-American women because of their external appearances. This experience stuck with Chrishon well into her career as a counselor and college professor, eventually leading to her decision to do something about it, directly. That's when Tendrils and Curls was born.
What makes Tendrils and Curls different?
  • The products carried are for a wide array of hair types, ranging from chemically-treated hair to naturally wavy, curly and tightly-coiled or kinky hair. Clients can test products in-store and can receive real advice and tailored solutions based on their individual needs and hair types. There's no "one-size fits all" when it comes to hair and beauty, and Tendrils and Curls gets that.
What's been the journey of Tendrils and Curls so far?
  • July 12 is the boutique's one-year anniversary. In that time, customers from as far as London and Japan have phoned and emailed in to place their orders, with domestic travelers making Tendrils and Curls into one of their must-see stops upon trips to Houston. Just like you have to see Disney, many of its out-of-town guests admit that they "must see" Tendrils and Curls. With the growing demand from out-of-town shoppers, Tendrils and Curls aded on its fully-functioning e-Commerce site in mid-June to keep up with the wants of its customers.
For more information, contact Ashley Small (Medley Inc.)
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