Get Back to Your Roots! – How to Transition From Relaxed to Your Natural Kinks

Get Back to Your Roots! How to Transition From Relaxed to Your Natural Kinks


Mahisha Dellinger Founder & CEO of

MahishaIf you are reading this, chances are, you are a transitioner, considering transitioning, or just looking for more information before you take that leap of faith.The decision to wean yourself from your “creamy crack” addiction and embrace your God given kinks is one that most don’t take lightly. Rest assured, you are joining more than 10 million women who have also decided to join the natural hair movement. Where Do I Begin? You have a few choices…1. Grow out the chemicals (takes the most time and patience)…the longer the hair, the more time it will take.2. Cut off all of the chemicals at once and rock your TWA (transitioner's slang for teeny weeny afro), or3. Cut half of the chemicals off and get regular trims (~ 3-4") every 3 months to speed up the process.Very Important Note: the point where your natural and your relaxed hair meet is THE most vulnerable...therefore is more likely to break if not properly handled and taken care of. You want to keep your hair well conditioned and hydrated to ensure a smooth, breakage-free transition.Here are a few key steps that you must commit to during your transition.1. Start by getting a deep moisturizing protein treatment with heat, and do so weekly for the next few months to strengthen the hair. Recommended product: Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Conditioner available at www.curls.biz2. It is imperative that you moisturize your hair daily. Choose a moisturizer that can be left in the hair. This will help to ease comb-ability, soften and condition the hair. It will also "prep" the hair for the styler that you choose to use. Recommended product Cashmere Curls Moisturizer available at Or Lavish Curls Moisturizer $10.99 available at Target, Wal-mart & Sally Beauty.3. Reduce the amount of times per month that you heat process your hair. If you currently are doing so 3x a month, cut back to 2x a month with a goal of 1x a month MAX! This will ensure the ongoing health and integrity of your hair.4. Weaves, hair pieces, and/or braids can be a great option during your transition process. It is imperative that you make sure the stylist selected to groom your hair uses the best techniques to avoid breakage and hair loss. The braids shouldn’t be too tight. Hair loss is a common side effect from tightly braided hair. The weave hair should be sewn onto a hair net, and not into your own hair. Most importantly…remember to redo your weave every 90 days.


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