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Hey guys! I'm excited to share this awesome giveaway with you coming to you from Cassandre Beccai. I've had the opportunity to try this line for myself and it really worked well for my hair from cleansing with their shampoo and conditioner to light styling with the moisturizer. For an opportunity to win the whole line, keep reading below!

About Cassandre Beccai: Cassandre Beccai’s eponymous hair care line is the brand for premium, artisan hair care products for afro-textured hair types ranging from tight, kinky coils, to medium, tight curls.

The products were created for the sagacious woman who strives to achieve her healthiest hair while maintaining a graceful appearance in whatever environment she finds herself.

Every single product emanates with pure beauty and goodness from the elegant, ebony packaging, to the quality ingredients including fresh honey, and aromatic cocoa butter, curated by Cassandre herself and dished out in generous portions in every product formula.

Made in micro batches to achieve the highest level of freshness, the results of using these products on the hair is glowing health, unstoppable growth and best of all, a happier afro-textured woman.

The discerning user with a distinct preference in what she chooses to put on her hair who also favors rich, naturally inspired ingredients and highly pleasurable scents will thoroughly enjoy the experience of the Cassandre Beccai Hair Care line.



Cleansing Smoothie Hydrating Shampoo ($16.95): Start your hair care regimen off right with a mild, moisturizing shampoo pH balanced for the health of your hair. This shampoo is non-irritating, very hydrating and offers the amazing sensory experience of lovely lather without any harsh sulfates. Your hair is left clean and smooth.
Tangle Tamer Detangling Conditioner ($16.95): Coily, curly hair needs the upmost of care during the detangling session to minimize breakage. This conditioner works with you to efficiently remove shed and tangled hairs and smooth your hair cuticles. Move past your length plateau with this anti-breakage, tangle releasing conditioner.
Hair Milk Daily Moisturizer($21): This handcrafted, sumptuous dry hair quencher is the perfect solution for brittle tresses! Oatmilk serves as the base to create a wonderfully emollient and deeply hydrating daily moisturizer while cocoa butter, silk, jojoba oil and honey bring moisture right where your hair needs it most.
Nourishing Pomade Emollient Hairdress ($11.95): A perfect blend of emollient oils, rich butters and pure vanilla essential oil make up this fabulous “whipped cream feel” hair care sensation with the most divine scent! Nourishing Butter is especially formulated to soften rough, hard hair while sealing and protecting hair strands.


Follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below. This giveaway is open to U.S. and International Residents.

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    • Portia Zulu
    • January 21, 2015

    I am from South Africa, would your product work on hair like mine? I have a coarse afro. And can somebody…. Anybody pleeease teach me how to do hair twists? LOL

    • CarolineMcGrone
    • July 5, 2015

    I have natural short course hair, how can I get it to grow and stop breaking off. Can you hhelp me find some good hair products to use on my hair.

    Thank you

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