In My Corner: A Father’s Day Tribute

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There is no greater feeling than knowing you have someone in your corner that loves you and constantly , allowing you to believe that you can achieve things that you didn't even think you were capable of attaining. This is what has my dad has been for me without question and much more! I'm so blessed to be able to celebrate the great man he is this Father's Day.My dad is such a strong pillar for our family and the love and support he has poured into me and my sisters is indescribable.


When we were growing up, despite my dad having a busy schedule, he reserved EVERY Thursday night as 'Family Night'. We always looked forward to our Family Nights because it usually meant ordering pizza, playing games together, watching a movie...simply spending some quality time together and having some fun! The question at the beginning of the week was always, "what are we doing for Family Night?" and I honestly can't remember one Thursday night where we didn't get to have our Family Night growing up. That's how much having Family Night meant to my dad, and as a result I have so many great memories and a new tradition that I can incorporate in my own family circle now.

Most importantly, my dad has shown me through his actions that no matter what else is going on in your life, FAMILY ALWAYS COMES FIRST.

Even now, my dad and I have started a new tradition where he calls me every Monday morning before work to chat about life, our dreams and aspirations and plans on how we can attain them. In celebration of Father's Day this year, I want to thank my dad for always being there in my corner as a coach, teacher, sounding board and an amazingly consistent role model and friend. You da man dad!


This year's Father's Day is extra special for my family since this is my husband's first Father's Day! Since our wedding day, the love for my husband has continually grown. But now as I get to see my husband in a new light as the father to our son, my heart is just overflowing with an even deeper love and respect for him. When I see my husband talking to our son, playing with him and even bouncing him to calm him down during his baby meltdowns, I feel such a sense of peace and pride knowing that our son has such an incredible man in his life that he gets to call his Baba. You're doing an awesome job babe!


Happy Father's Day to the two incredibly handsome, talented and intelligent black men I am so blessed to have in my life!



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