Why I Love to Celebrate Birthdays!

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I just love to celebrate birthdays!

It never gets old for me. Yes, I'm one of those people that marks their birthday on calendars (a year in advance) and sets up countdowns a month out from the big day!  Not only do I love celebrating my own birthday, but I get just as excited about celebrating the birthdays of family and friends! In fact, my husband has admitted to me more than once that I seem to get WAY more excited about his birthday than he does. I can't help it though! I love LIFE and I love celebrating the lives of the people I love.

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For me, birthdays have always been the perfect time to reflect on the past year. Sometimes the year can fly by so quickly, but taking that moment to stop and celebrate another year always reminds me how FULL life can be. Yes, life has its mix of ups and downs, but I've grown to learn that each year can bring transforming experiences if you're ready to seize those moments! Making it to another birthday through all the good and despite the bad is why I take the time to celebrate.



I will never forget my birthday gathering last year (October baby in the house!). I was able to get together with friends for a fun night filled with great food, live music and salsa dancing. At the time, I was just a few months pregnant with my son but wasn't showing too much then and hadn't told my friends yet. As we were leaving the restaurant, one of my good friends let me know she was expecting. I couldn't believe it and right away let her know that I was getting ready to have a baby too. After realizing that we were also due within two weeks of each other, running around the parking lot with sheer excitement and joy immediately ensued! That birthday celebration is going down in the books!


It's important to me that my family and friends know that I celebrate their lives while they're still here. That's why the best part of birthdays for me has always been having big gatherings with the people I love. Yes, we share our love in other ways throughout the year, but there is something about taking one day (or a month!) to stop and acknowledge the beautiful life being lived!

hallmark mahogany cards celebrate birthdays

hallmark mahogany cards celebrate birthdays natural chica
In case you were wondering.. yep, that's me! I'm so grateful to Hallmark for the opportunity to be featured on their line of birthday cards!


How are you when it comes to celebrating birthdays?

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