Easy, Long-lasting Wash and Go Styling with Urbanbella Products

high volume wash and go
I must admit that in the past, every time I tried to do a wash and go style on my natural hair, it would look great for several hours but then eventually turn into a tangled mess that I dreaded come wash day! So when I visited with Urbanbella to try their new products and they suggested that I try a wash and go style with their line, I was extremely hesitant! I'm so glad I didn't flat out refuse to try it out though because BOY was I surprised with the results! You can check it out for yourself in the videos below!They first showed me how to achieve a low volume wash and go style at their salon and then I decided to go for a high volume wash and go that I styled by myself at home. I loved the versatility that I could achieve when using the same products and simply changing up the technique!

You can learn more about the Urbanbella products used in these videos by visiting their special Wash and Go page! They are also running a special SUMMER PROMO with FREE SHIPPING + FREE SAMPLE SIZES with orders of their Wash-N-Go Kit so make sure to check it out!

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    • Nia Kamau
    • July 14, 2016
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