My First COLOUR Styling Appointment Pt. 2 – Cornrow Pigtails

cornrow pigtails natural chica
COLOUR is an on-demand in-home hair styling service for women of color and I’m very excited to announce that I’m working with them as one of their Creative Directors of Natural Hair! They provide blowouts and natural styling services for women with relaxed or natural hair. They also do some styles that are enhanced with extensions.You can book a service using their proprietary COLOUR booking app available free on the iTunes store and use invite code: COLOUR50 OR for those with Android phones, you can just email them at to book. 

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So in Part 1 I showed you all the breakdown of my natural hair wash day to prep for my first COLOUR styling appointment. Now it's time to share all the styling details!As I shared in Part 1, I arrived to my appointment with my hair freshly cleaned, conditioned and in twists. My COLOUR stylist for the day was Ashley, who I met when I attended the pop of COLOUR makeover winner's styling session.
COLOUR styling appointment
Ashley was my COLOUR stylist for the day. She's amazing!
The day before my appointment, I decided to search Google for some style inspirations. I knew I wanted a cornrow braided style, since that's not something I can easily do at home (I will learn one day!). I came across the cornrow pigtails style and loved how simple and chic the style was! The hubby was a fan too, so I sent over some inspiration pics to the COLOUR team and Ashley was ready to get to work when I arrived!Ashley started by applying heat protectant to my hair and then did a soft blow out on my hair.
COLOUR styling appointment natural chica
Getting some work in while having my hair blown out!
natural hair blow out
All blown out
After blowing it out, she used a flat iron to do a soft press to prepare my hair for braiding.
soft press natural hair natural chica
After my soft press
For the cornrow pigtails, we decided to add in some extensions and she used X-Pression Premium Ultra Braid in the color 2 to do the feed in braids. Ashley even brought these cute gold metal accent clips to finish off the style!
COLOUR cornrow pigtails
My final cornrow pigtails style!

cornrow pigtails natural chica

I absolutely loved the final look and loved the idea of professional styling in a comfortable home environment. If you're looking to experiment with some new styles and want to do it all in the comfort of your own home, you should definitely contact COLOUR for your own appointment!

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