Why In-Home Hair Styling with COLOUR is Perfect for Busy Moms!

COLOUR Curls wand curls
COLOUR is an on-demand in-home hair styling service for women of color and I’m very excited to announce that I’m working with them as one of their Creative Directors of Natural Hair! They provide blowouts and natural styling services for women with relaxed or natural hair. They also do some styles that are enhanced with extensions.You can book a service using their proprietary COLOUR booking app available free on the iTunes store and use invite code: COLOUR50 OR for those with Android phones, you can just email them at hello@getcolour.io to book.

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I just had my first hair styling appointment with COLOUR at my own home and boy have they made me an even bigger believer in their service!
I'm a work-at-home mom and even though I can break away and get to the salon if needed (thanks hubby!), some most days I'm so tired that I just don't have the energy to drive to the salon or care to spend a couple of hours there as well.


My first appointment with COLOUR was actually at the co-founder's home (Thanks Debra!) so I was very excited about actually having an appointment in the comfort of my own home! Not having to drive anywhere in Atlanta traffic...#winningalldayI made my appointment online (they have an app for iOS and a special link for Android users) which turned out to be really simple. I selected the style I wanted (COLOUR Curls) and my desired time for the appointment. After receiving confirmation from them via email and text, I was all set!
Since the COLOUR Curls style consists of "modern spiral curls, heat-styled over your air-dried or twisted-out locks", I washed my hair the night before my appointment with Shea Moisture's Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo & Conditioner. After rinsing the conditioner from my hair, I twisted my hair in 8 large sections and then banded them with my hair ties to stretch my hair as it air-dried overnight.
COLOUR stylist and Natural Chica
With my awesome COLOUR stylist for the day! My hair was still in banding ties here.
My hair after removing the banding ties. Stretched look with no heat! You may just see my son's tiny hand next to his block tower if you look a little closer 🙂

After removing the banding ties, my COLOUR stylist took my hair in small sections, applied heat protectant and curled each section with a curling wand. I was really excited about the final look! I've done wand curls before on air-dried hair but had never tried using a smaller curling wand or smaller sections of hair.

COLOUR Curls wand curls
Loving my "COLOUR Curls" look!

What was fun about my appointment is that my son was all up in the mix! He's a toddler now and had his blocks spread across the floor where I was getting my hair done and was having a grand ole' time! Britne even had to pause a couple of times while doing my hair since my son was insistent on her helping him build his block tower 🙂 I was also able to pull out my laptop and get some work done (hosting the 6th Annual Naturally Pretty next week!).

After having my hair styled, the best feeling was knowing that I didn't have to drive anywhere! My son actually went down for a nap near the end of my appointment so that meant some quiet, relaxing time for the mama. PRICELESS!

If you're looking to experiment with some new styles and want to do it all in the comfort of your own home, you should definitely contact COLOUR for your own appointment!

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