The Beauty of True Sisterhood

I don’t know when it happened exactly, but somewhere down the line there was a SHIFT.


I found my circle of friends growing smaller, but at the same time the relationships I did have grew stronger than ever.

Conversations grew beyond the latest fashion trends, hair, our love life and expanded to include our goals of entrepreneurship, our endeavors to discover and embrace our true selves, our struggles and so many more topics that at an earlier time, I would have only felt comfortable musing over in my own mind.

I can share my heart with these ladies. They hear me. They motivate me. They uplift me.

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They also let me know what areas of my life need growth (work in progress here!). After all, as I was reminded by my grandmother the other day, it’s the people that actually love you that will take the time to constructively criticize you because the others…well, they just might not care if you win or lose and to be honest, are probably most likely rooting for your failure in order to make themselves feel better.

My circle wants to see me win and I want to see them win as well! Our encouraging words to each other are just the beginning of that support. We show it in our actions. We carve time out of our all over the place schedules to help each other make those steps towards our goals and to also send “I see you girl!” messages acknowledging progress in our respective journeys.

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Competition doesn’t exist in this space because when one person wins, we all win. We each bring our triumphs and struggles to the table, and with that comes an abundance of lessons to be learned and also advice to be shared.The media so often likes to paint a picture of constant jealousy and bickering between women but true sisterhood is alive!
I am so grateful for my sisters. My biological sisters, the ones who entered for a season and the ones that have been grafted into my circle along my life’s journey.

I love you. I’m here for you… and I know you’ve got me too.

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    • March 25, 2017

    Oh wow, true statements indeed. I didnt know you and your family moved to Mexico! Playa Del Carmen, was a beautiful experience when i visited, the cultural is so rich and the people were so nice. Much love, strength and light in your journey…All ❤❤❤

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