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Shea Moisture’s #BreakTheWalls Campaign Calls to End the Beauty Aisle Divide

#BreakTheWalls Shea Moisture

In my pre-natural hair days, shopping for hair care products usually meant purchasing relaxers, shampoos, conditioners and greases from companies most likely not owned by people of color and purchasing  from stores where these products were found in an aisle separated from the rest of the beauty products which was also usually a tiny section of the […]


How Can I Avoid Heat Damage? – Engineers Investigate!

how to avoid heat damage flat iron

When it comes to straightening natural hair, the questions you usually hear are … “What temperature should I use to straighten my hair?”  “How can I avoid heat damage?”. Well according to a recent article by NPR, engineers at Purdue University are investigating these exact questions! Tahira Reid and Amy Marconnet, both assistant professors of mechanical […]