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The American Express Prepaid Card: My Overall Thoughts

After my lovely trip to the Atlanta Zoo , I decided to use my handy-dandy American Express Prepaid card for an online purchase. Since my birthday is tomorrow, I decided to treat myself to some accessories! Once it came time for checkout, I double-checked my card balance at then submitted my order just as […]


Trip to the Atlanta Zoo with my American Express Prepaid Card!

So my journey with the new American Express Prepaid Card continues! … I LOVE animals and have been watching countless features on National Geographic recently when I decided..why not visit the lovely creatures living here in my own city : )  Since a preset amount of funds had already transferred from my bank account onto […]


The American Express Prepaid Card: My Experience #1

As a student, I’m always looking for better ways to manage and save my money. So when I was offered the opportunity to try out the American Express Prepaid Card and blog about my experience, I eagerly said yes! At first, I thought the American Express Prepaid Card was just a card where you can […]